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Your diet influences your skin health

Your diet influences your skin health

If you’re looking forward to the best tips for fabulous skin, you should know that nutrition is your ally. Several foods can make your skin healthier and better looking. All you have to do is choose an adequate diet for your body’s needs. Many specialists think that some foods can cause skin problems and can even speed up the aging process. Keep reading this article to find out how your diet influences your skin health and which foods you should avoid.

Why diets influence skin health?

#1 Acne breakouts

Acne is frequent in adolescents, and it happens due to hormonal changes. Still, plenty of adults suffer from acne breakouts, too. Some studies suggest that a diet rich in refined carbohydrates can lead to mild or even chronic inflammation in your body. As a result, skin problems occur and can also become hard to manage.

#2 Aging

As mentioned at the begging of this article, some foods might take a toll on your skin health and make it look older. Your diet influences both collagen and elastin levels and how much water you drink daily. Thus, this signifies that an unhealthy meal plan can create imbalances in your body, which ultimately impact your skin health. And besides this, not drinking plenty of fluids can make your skin dehydrated, dull and prone to issues. 

#3 Antioxidants

Did you know that if you have low levels of antioxidants in your body, your skin is affected? Well, a lack of antioxidants can make your skin rougher. Besides, studies reveal that people with higher levels of antioxidants in the skin have a smoother textured skin. 

Which are the best foods for skin health?

Fatty fish

The expert advice for healthy skin is to eat as much oily fish as possible. Mackerel, herring or salmon are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for skin health. The omega-3 fatty acids aid in skin elasticity and hydration. Studies show that omega-3 fatty acid deficiency can lead to dry skin. Overall, there are several skin health benefits one can access with a diet rich in fatty fish. These benefits include a notable decrease in inflammation, acne, and skin redness. 


Healthy fats are great for your health, including your skin’s health. And having enough healthy fats in your meal plan will keep your skin hydrated and flexible. Research reveals that eating avocados regularly can help you restore the youthful look of your skin while making it more supple and glowing. Also, since avocados are rich in vitamin E, it can help you prevent and overcome oxidative damage caused by the sun.

Sweet potatoes

Beta carotene can help your skin’s health since it functions as provitamin A. And sweet potatoes represent the best source of beta carotene. Only 100 grams of baked sweet potatoes can feed your body up to six times the daily recommended intake of vitamin A. as a result, your skin will have a natural sunblock layer, while sunburn, wrinkled skin, and cell death is prevented.

Dark chocolate

Admit it! You crave chocolate, too! But did you know that dark chocolate can offer several skin health benefits? Well, a couple of studies suggest that moderate consumption of dark chocolate can diminish the appearance of wrinkles while making your skin less sensitive to sunburn. 

Which foods are the worst for skin health?

Refined carbohydrates

The refined carb comes with little to no nutritional value. Also, such carbs have a direct impact on your gut bacteria, and it creates significant digestive issues. And if you consider the fact that acne is a bacterial condition, you will discover that refined carbs are the leading cause of acne breakouts. If you aim to overcome the side effects of processed carbs, it might be a good idea to include plenty of probiotic foods in your diet.


Standard dairy products are rich in growth hormones and antibiotics. This can cause hormone imbalances, which in turn leads to excess estrogen and skin issues. Besides, dairy is cataloged as pro-inflammatory food, meaning that it can worsen conditions such as rashes, eczema, and acne.


Alcohol is usually rich in sugar. And this sugar content can boost blood sugar levels, and it might take a toll on your collagen production. Also, it is dehydrating, which prevents your skin from retaining moisture. As such, too much alcohol consumption can lead to skin problems and dark circles around your eyes.

The bottom line

Nutrition is essential for your health, including for your skin. Having an adequate meal plan signifies that you should have plenty of vitamins and minerals. You will be amazed by how different your skin will become after only two weeks of healthy eating. Keep in mind that choosing foods from sustainable sources can help you overcome several health issues, including acne, eczemaYour diet influences your skin health, and skin sensitivity. 


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