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What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

Are you having a hard time losing weight even though you spend plenty of hours in the gym? Well, we have a secret to share with you! Your body type might prevent you from achieving these results! And before you quit your quest, you should know that losing weight can be easier if you pay attention to your body type. Several meal plans and exercise routines are created for specific body types so that you lose weight and achieve the desired waistline. Up next, we discuss everything you need to know about the mesomorph body type and the mesomorph diet. Each mesomorph female should know this!

What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

What is a mesomorph body type?

A mesomorph female has a medium build with higher-than-average muscular development. The mesomorphic body has low body fat, and it is a naturally athletic physique. So, it is only natural to think about mesomorphs as athletic and robust persons. And the best part about this body type is that the weight distribution is relatively even. As such, you can use specific workout routines to target those areas you aim to lose fat from. Experts say that mesomorph body types can benefit from basketball, boxing, strength training, swimming, or track and field.

What is the best mesomorph diet?

The mesomorphic type should always aim for a balanced meal plan and avoid cutting out food groups. Mostly, small and frequent meals are the best approach. Mesomorphs come with larger muscle mass, meaning that your body will burn through calories fast and keep your energy up. 

What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

So, the best foods you should include in your mesomorph diet are:

- Fish and meat: salmon, tuna, chicken, lean steak, turkey

- Dairy: eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese

- Legumes and fruits: berries, apples, avocado, oranges, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts 

- Seeds and nuts: almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds

- Starchy vegetables and grains: sweet potato, lentils, beans, quinoa

Keep in mind that the calorie intake of the mesomorph body is higher than others because of the higher ratio of muscle mass. So, a mesomorphic female benefits significantly from a high-protein diet. The best plate is the one that features one-third protein, one-third vegetable/fruit, and one-third whole grain/healthy fats.

What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

What are the advantages of the mesomorph diet?

Well, the best part about following a mesomorph diet is that it increases the results of your exercise routine. Indeed, you can’t change your bone structure, but you can notice significant fat loss if you adopt a mesomorph diet and workout plan. The advantages of this meal plan include an increase in energy and fewer cravings.

What are the disadvantages of the mesomorph diet?

The downside of this meal plan might be the fact that the split between carbs, protein, and fat is pretty straightforward. So, you might not get adequate nutrient intake if you have specific health problems. This is why it is best to ask for medical advice if you have a medical history.

What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

How to work out when you are mesomorphic?

This is a common question among mesomorph ladies. And you should know that there are quite a few exercises that can help you boost your health and lose weight.

Cardio exercises

A mesomorph who aims towards a lean physique should enroll in consistent cardio sessions. This will prevent fat from gathering, and it can lead to rapid weight loss. It is best to have at least 30 minutes of cardio exercises three to five times per week.

Weight training

Mesomorphs are strong so that weight training can offer plenty of benefits. Lifting moderate weight with limited rests between sets for five days a week is the best approach to boost muscle growth and weight loss. 


A morning running session around the block can lift your mood and kickstart your metabolisms. So, it is a great idea to start your day with 30 minutes run to make the best of the mesomorphic weight loss journey.

What Is The Mesomorph Diet?

The bottom line

So, this being said, this is all you need to know about the mesomorph diet. The secret to weight loss success is in how you portion your plate. But it would be best if you never overlooked the fact that this body type can achieve a lean figure only through an exercise routine. So, make sure you eat healthy foods, avoid processed foodsWhat Is The Mesomorph Diet?, and follow a workout routine. 

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