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All You Need To Know About Your Body Type For The Best Fitness Routine

Of course, for the best and most balanced lifestyle, we need to discover our body’s particularities. This is the fastest and most reliable way to better our health and create the best fitness routine plan. Having the correct workout routine will offer plenty of benefits, including a boost in energy levels and strength. Still, many people fail to take into account their body type. And the downside of this is that not taking into account your body type while working out can actually harm your health and prevent you from achieving the best results. So, if you’re interested in finding out what body type you are, read on to find out our insights on this topic. 

Body Type

When did the concept of `body type` appeared?

So, before we dive into this topic, let’s start with the beginning. The concept of `body type` appeared back in the 1940s, when an American psychologist, William Herbert Sheldon, attempted to classify people based on three `soma types` (categories):

- Endomorphs

- Ectomorphs


Even though at first, this concept was welcomed with a lot of skepticism, over the years, scientific studies proved their importance for an individual’s wellbeing. Mainly, the research uncovered the fact that each body type reacts differently to training and diet. 

Body Type

What are the three body types?

Ectomorph Body

Ectomorphs are those lean types with narrow frames and long limbs. The main challenge for this body type is achieving muscle, and as such, they are inclined to perform a lot of cardiovascular workouts. Mainly, this body type has a rapid metabolism, which enables it to burn calories rapidly. It is not unusual to see a lean ectomorph body without much body fat. 

The recommended fitness routine for an ectomorph consists of intense and short exercises. Also, specialists recommend performing routines that target large muscle groups such as the glutes or the core.

Mesomorph Body

Mesomorphs stand out due to the exceptional muscle mass, large bones, and rectangular body shape. Overall, these are the natural athletes that can perform any type of workout routine and be successful at it. And this body type can lose or gain weight as it wishes based on particular fitness goals. Still, the most popular exercises amongst mesomorphs are cardio routines and weight training. Keep in mind that this body type needs to follow a specific diet so that the training results become reliable and long-lasting. 

Endomorph Body

Endomorphs are shorter individuals when compared to the other two body types. Also, they have thick legs and arms, along with a rounder body. Anyhow, endomorphs have impressive strength in their legs. They can achieve muscle mass fast, but at the same time, they can rapidly gain weight. Also, endomorphs have a hard time losing weight due to their slow metabolisms. The recommended fitness routine for an endomorph body is a planned workout routine meant to boost the fat burning process and define muscles. Thus, a combination of weightlifting and cardio is the best exercise routine for this body type. 

Body Type

How to determine which body type you have

The simplest way to establish your body type is to analyze yourself objectively. Also, there are a few quizzes that can help you, but a simple look in the mirror can tell you all you need. Here’s what you should look for:

· The traits of an ectomorph body include almost no body fat, a wiry frame, and long slender limbs.

· The traits of a mesomorph body include a proportionate figure, along with a well-balanced distribution of muscle and fat.

· The traits of an endomorph body include a stocky frame and large, sturdy legs.

Body Type

Is there the possibility of having a mixed body type?

A frequent question on this topic is whether or not an individual can experience a mix of traits from two body types. And to tell you the truth, each individual is different, meaning there is no exact body form to suit everyone. So, there is no one-size-fits-all. You can turn out to be a mix of two body types, meaning you share characteristics from two categories. Still, based on those traits, you can get an accurate idea of how to approach your workout routine so that you achieve the best results. 

The bottom line is that there are three standard body types that you can use to identify your body’s particularities. Still, it would be best if you never assumed you must fit in one of those three types. There are plenty of individuals that share traits with two body types. And this happens because each human body develops differently and has distinct needs. As such, when it comes to selecting a fitness routineBody Type, you should discuss with your instructor about your body’s particularities and how to tackle the problems so that you achieve the desired results. 


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