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The Endomorph Body Type

The Endomorph Body Type: How To Eat And Train For The Best Results

If you take a moment to look around you, you will discover that there is no individual similar to another. And even though there are three standard body types, the mesomorph, the ectomorph, and the endomorph, there are plenty of variations for this, too. This happens because each body is designed to have its own particularities. And most people are a mix of two body types. Still, the traits of the already mentioned body types can help you achieve the best fitness results. 

Endomorph body types are the ones described by short stature and notable levels of muscle and body fat. So, if you believe you might be in this category, you should keep reading this article. Up next, we’ve shared with you everything you need to know about the endomorph body type so that your workout routine offers you the best results. Let’s see how you can tend to your body’s needs based on its particularities. 


What are the main traits of the endomorph body type?

The physical characteristics of an endomorph body type are simple to explain. In most cases, an endomorph individual will have a curvy, small-waisted, full-figured, and pear-shaped body. Moreover, an endomorph body type will most likely have a round shape, medium-large bone structure, small shoulders, and shorter limbs. This type has weight in the lower abdomen, hips, or tights. As such, due to this manner of distribution, an endomorph body type has trouble losing weight. Still, the correct training and nutrition approach can lead to impressive results. 

Anyhow, from a metabolic point of view, endomorphs have a so-called carbohydrate and insulin sensitivity. This means that such foods are converted extremely fast into sugar and are stored as fat rather than burned as energy. Thus, many endomorphs experience a higher body-fat percentage, which exposes them to the risk of having diabetes, infertility, cancer, or heart problems. Still, such health problems can be avoided with the help of a fitness routine and a healthy meal plan. 

The Endomorph Body Type  

How to train if you have an endomorph body type

A well-designed fitness program can aid an endomorph to lose weight. Keep in mind that a diet plan isn’t efficient by itself, meaning you will have to follow both approaches to balance your body’s weight. The endomorph body can boost its metabolism with the aid of both weight and cardio training. And it is highly recommended to consider a lifelong program without overtraining. Indeed, endomorphs can build muscle rapidly, but because of their slower metabolism, it is tricky to remain lean. Experts say that the best workout routine for an endomorph body type is circuit training. It is a demanding, yet efficient way to balance weight and boost the health of this body type. 

The Endomorph Body Type  

What are some diet tips for the endomorph body type?

So, as mentioned above, endomorphs are prone to experience carbohydrate and insulin sensitivity. As such, the best nutritional approach for this body type is one that balances macronutrients and carbohydrates. Also, carbs should come from vegetables, while unrefined, high-fiber starches should be consumed with caution. Overall, endomorphs should avoid bread, cereals, crackers, or cookies. The best meal plan for this body type is the Paleo Diet, as every meal comes with protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. Mostly, it would be best if you had a nutrient distribution similar to 30 percent carbs, 35 percent protein, and 35 percent fat. 


What to eat before and after a workout routine if you’re an endomorph body type?

In most cases, nutritionists recommend having an after-workout meal that is well-balanced and nutritious. Endomorphs have to follow stricter meal plans, which means you should always have a post-workout meal accordingly to the diet you follow. In most cases, you should balance your carbs, protein, and fat intake, so that you avoid weight gain. Also, you should avoid simple carbs and focus on more complex ones. And it is best to keep in mind that stress levels can cause endomorphs to keep fat and have difficulty losing weight. As such, you should avoid overtraining and adopt a good sleeping schedule.


The bottom line is that the endomorph body type can be quite challenging to manage. Still, with a bit of attention to detail, one can achieve outstanding fitness goals. The secret is to decrease stress, eat a nutritious meal planThe Endomorph Body Type, and commit to an exercise routine that will keep your metabolic rate up. 


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