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Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

So, you most likely heard about the Palaeolithic or paleo diet. Many people affirm confidently that this low-carb diet can do wonders for health and weight loss. Besides, some of those that adopted such a meal plan say that their energy levels went over the roof after a couple of which. This is why we’ve created this article! Read on to discover all you need to know about the popular paleo diet. Let’s see how this meal plan can help you with your endeavors!

First of all: what is the paleo diet?

The paleo diet is meant to guide you towards the eating pattern our Palaeolithic ancestors might have had before the appearance of modern agriculture. Simply put: this diet features only foods that could be hunted or gathered. And specialists say that this diet aims to underline the fact that our bodies weren’t created to eat the modern Western diet. 

So, what foods are allowed on a paleo diet?

Now that we’ve seen this restrictive definition, one might wonder what is acceptable on a paleo diet. This type of meal plan focuses on higher fat and protein intake, mixed with lower carbs consumptions. The purpose is to feed the body high fiber, potassium, quality fat, low sodium, and high mineral foods to support the body’s health and wellbeing. 

The foods that can be added to a paleo diet are only pasture-raised and grass-fed meat. Also, one can eat eggs, wild-caught fish or shellfish, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, any type of nut except peanuts, seeds, and unrefined plant oils like olive or flaxseed oil.

On the other hand, the foods that are banned from this diet refer to anything that is processed, pre-packaged, or chemically altered. These include dairy, legumes, grains, refined sugar, and salt.

Also, from now and then, the paleo diet allows you to include in your meal plan goat milk, natural sweeteners (like honey, molasses, dark chocolate or dried fruit), dry wine, fermented soy, pseudo-grains (like quinoa or buckwheat), fresh corn, green beans, and green peas. 

What are the benefits of following the paleo diet?

For some people, this diet might seem like a challenge. But others recommend it as the best way to take care of your body and health. Also, paleo is all about healthy fats, which can diminish inflammation and enable the immune system response, better brain functionality, and healthier skin. And this is not the only benefit! The main advantage of following a paleo diet might be the fact that:

· It boosts energy levels;

· It betters sleep;

· It promotes mental clarity and acuity;

· It leads to a notably better mood;

· It might lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety;

· It supports proper digestive functions;

· It balances weight;

· It decreases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, or cancer;

· It diminishes allergies;

· It assists the body in properly absorbing the necessary nutrient intake;

· It might lessen pain associated with inflammation;

· It might aid those who have asthma.

The downside of the paleo diet

Of course, as it is the case with any diet, there are a couple of drawbacks worth taking into account. And this refers mainly to the highly restrictive nature of this diet. Our bodies are created to use carbs as the primary fuel source. Thus, depriving it for too long can lead to unhealthy imbalances. Besides, removing entire food groups from your diet can make people crave the exact foods they are not allowed. So, if not managed carefully, the paleo diet might actually encourage unhealthy behavior concerning food. 

Besides, it can be quite challenging to prepare your meals while following the paleo diet. And at the same time, this diet can turn out to be expensive, as you are only allowed specific foods obtained from an organic source.

The bottom line: should you try it?

If you want to adopt this diet is entirely up to you. It can offer several health benefits if you take into account one of the following factors. First, you should carefully monitor your protein intake. Should be flexible with your meal plan. You can slightly modify the paleo diet to fit in your daily nutritional intake that your body needs to feel great. The secret to the paleo diet is to mold it to your lifestyle and make it feel less tedious to follow. And by the end of the dayPaleo Diet, you should listen to your body. A way of eating that can work for some can cause a lot of distress. 


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