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Here’s why celebrities get a hair transplant!

Here’s Why Celebrities Get A Hair Transplant!

Have you ever looked at Elon Musk’s hair and wondered how he improved it? Well, here’s the secret: hair transplant! And even though many people argue this is an inefficient method, plenty of Hollywood stars have hair transplants. This surgical procedure extracts follicles from one part of the scalp and implant it on the problematic area. But you should know there are both benefits and disadvantages of having a hair transplant. Let’s see up next, which are the pros and cons of this celebrity trend!

Why is hair transplant important?

Hair loss and balding can make one experience low self-esteem. And hair loss might happen due to a wide array of genetic factors. Both men and women experience hair loss, which is why a hair transplant is viewed as the leading solution. So, hair transplant importance is that it can aid one to regain confidence in his appearance due to an improved appearance of their hair.

What are the advantages of a hair transplant?

Improved appearance

One of the main advantages that convinced even Elon Musk to have a hair transplant is the aesthetic change. This procedure might provide a youthful and pleasant appearance to your hair. Keep in mind that experts say that you might require follow-up interventions for such results.

Improved self-esteem

Hair loss can take a toll on our mental wellbeing. It can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Thus, another benefit of a hair transplant is that you will benefit from improved self-esteem and outlook on life.

Natural hair

Hair transplant mimics the appearance of your hair. Follicle grafts are used during the procedure so that you achieve natural hair growth. Still, to get a completely natural look, you might require a couple of follow-up hair transplants.

Hair growth

As soon as you finish your treatment, you might experience a boost in hair growth. Thus, the benefit of hair transplants is that it might renew the hair.

What are the disadvantages of hair transplants?


Well, there is a reason why celebrities get hair transplants: it is costly. Hair transplant surgeries are expensive, and it might take a toll on your finances.


Indeed, you can resume your daily routine after three days have passed. But hair transplant surgery has a tedious recovery process. There is a chance you will experience significant side effects and discomfort.


Even though it is a rare outcome, hair transplants might cause infection. You can avoid such issues if you follow the instructions of your doctor. A couple of hair transplant procedures led to nerve damage, but experts say this is the rarest side effect of hair transplants.

Hair loss

If your surgeon has little to no experience in hair transplants, it might cause additional hair loss. This procedure requires a lot of attention to detail, which is why you should choose wisely the person who will perform your transplant surgery. 

Which are the potential complications of a hair transplant?

As you’ve seen in the disadvantages of hair transplants, there are some complications one might experience. Some of the post-surgery issues you might face include:

- Swelling on the scalp.

- Infection.

- Bruises around the eyes.

- Bleeding.

- A forming of the crust where the implantation took place.

- Lack of sensation.

- Inflammation of the hair follicles.

- The unnatural appearance of tuft hair.

- Shock loss.

- Itching.

What should you know about hair transplants?

In order to be deemed eligible for a hair transplant, you need to discuss the procedure with your doctor. You can be the right candidate for a hair transplant if you have good health and enough hair reserve on the back of your head. Also, it is best to wait until the late 30s or early 40s to get a hair transplant. There is no age limit, but a couple of studies suggest this is the perfect time for having this procedure.

Also, you should know that this is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. But it can cause significant discomfort and pain based on your body’s ability to cope with the procedure. Make sure you discuss all these aspects with your doctor, as there are several things to consider and take care of.

The bottom line

Well, hair transplant represents the last resort for hair loss and thinning. There are plenty of hair care products you might try before opting for this surgical intervention. Still, hair transplant surgery can offer numerous benefits, including improved self-esteemHere’s why celebrities get a hair transplant!, along with outstanding results. 

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