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Is hair transplant a long-term solution?

Is Hair Transplant A Long-Term Solution?

You probably heard about hair transplants. And, as it happened to us all, you might wonder about whether or not it is an efficient method to deal with hair loss. There is a constant debate on this topic since plenty of Hollywood celebrities had a hair transplant. Up next, we’ve shared our insights on whether or not hair transplant represents a long-term solution. Let’s see what’s this all about!

What is a hair transplant?

As it sounds, a hair transplant is a medical procedure meant to restore hair growth to areas of the scalp with absent or limited hair strands. It is believed to be the most effective treatment for several hair loss types. But you should know it doesn’t have the power to stop future hair loss. As such, experts say that lasting results require additional follow-up hair transplants. 

During a hair transplant, a surgeon will remove follicles from a dense area of hair. He will implant the follicles into tiny slits on the affected area of the scalp. The goal is to help your scalp regenerate and favor the appearance of new hair strands.

Is hair transplant a long-term solution? 

When is hair loss a problem?

Well, if you suffer from hair fall, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a hair transplant. Thinning hair and hair loss represent a normal part of aging. Still, if it happens due to trauma to the scalp or a medical issue, your only solution will become a hair transplant. You can opt for having a hair transplant for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons.

What types of hair transplants are available nowadays?

Follicular hair transplant

Follicular unit transplantation or FUT is a type of hair transplant in which the surgeon removes a part of the skin from your scalp and closes the cut with stitches. The donor skin is split into tiny follicular units that have one or several hair follicles. Afterward, these units are positioned in the desired area.

Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction or FUE refers to a procedure in which the surgeon removes individual follicles out of the scalp. These are used as graft hair follicles, and the surgeon will make small holes in your scalp to reposition them. The surgical site will be protected with bandages or gauze. 

Is hair transplant a long-term solution? 

What is the success rate of a hair transplant?

You should know that the success rate of a hair transplant varies from person to person. Also, the experience of the surgeon with such procedures has a lot of say in the long-term effects of a hair transplant. 

As mentioned by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, hair transplantation might lead to a modest change in hair fullness. For notable changes, individuals might require skin flap surgery or tissue expansion. Keep in mind that there are no extensive studies to indicate hair transplant success rates. Still, if you take the time to look at celebrities’ hair transplant results, including Elon Musk, you might notice a significant change in hair health.

Is hair transplant a long-term solution?

Most of the individuals who had a hair transplant achieved thicker-looking hair. Still, they continue to suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. This is the main reason why specialists say that there is a need for several follow-up hair transplants for an improved appearance. 

Experts underline the fact that there is a chance for the transplanted hair follicles to die and impede the appearance of new hair grows. So, for the best hair transplant results, you should take into account your doctor’s advice. There are specific post-procedure instructions, including avoiding demanding physical activity for several weeks. 

Is hair transplant a safe procedure?

As it is the case with all surgical interventions, there are some potential side effects one can experience shortly after a hair transplant. Some of these include infection, bleeding, scars, swelling, and pain. Of course, not all people experience those symptoms, and if they do, they are mild.

To avoid hair transplant side effects, you should pay close attention to your doctor. He or she will explain what you need to do to prevent issues with your hair transplant.

The bottom line

Hair transplant surgery might be the only solution for those suffering from dramatic hair loss. Also, it might help people with thin hair achieve improved appearance. Still, before settling upon this surgical procedureIs hair transplant a long-term solution?, you should discuss with your doctor both the benefits and disadvantages of having a hair transplant. 

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