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all you need to know about natural sunscreen

All You Need To Know About Natural Sunscreen

It is a fact that you should use sunscreen all year round, and, of course, that you should never skip applying the best face sunscreen daily. Still, there is a question that led to several scientific debates: is natural sunscreen efficient? Let’s see up next what is the answer to this question, along with everything you need to know about natural sunscreen products.

 all you need to know about natural sunscreen

What types of sunscreen are available on the market?

First things first. You can opt from two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. The distinction between those two is in their ability to shield the skin of sun rays. 

Chemical sunscreens function by absorbing the sunlight and repelling the rays. They feature synthetic ingredients like avobenzone, oxybenzone, or octisalate.

Physical sunscreens or natural sunscreens function by bouncing off the UV rays off skin, similar to a mirror. Their main ingredients are usually titanium dioxide. But the most efficient natural sunscreen is considered to be the zinc oxide sunscreen. 

Why is zinc oxide sunscreen recommended as an alternative to chemical sunscreens?

Zinc oxide is usually encountered in mineral sunscreens. Specialists say it is safe for extended usage, as it does not reach deep into the skin. It provides broad-spectrum protection against UV rays, while it does not break when exposed to the sun. Zinc oxides sunscreens are considered one of the best solutions for blocking and protecting the skin against all UV rays. 

all you need to know about natural sunscreen

What are the advantages of using zinc oxide sunscreen?

#1 It shields the skin against all UV rays

Well, in case you didn’t know already, not all sunscreens protect the skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Natural sunscreens with zinc oxide are the go-to alternative, as this compound is photostable, which supports its ability to protect against all UV damage.

#2 It starts protecting the skin as soon as you apply it

Chemical sunscreens need at least 20 minutes to function before you are allowed to go outside. This is why natural sunscreens with zinc oxides are the best alternative. Such creams shield the skin as soon as they are applied, permitting you to step outside immediately.

#3 It fits all skin tones

Natural sunscreens with zinc oxides can protect all skin types, no matter their tone. Also, there are little to no potential side effects documented, which is why dermatologists recommend this natural sunscreen for sensitive skin. Besides, if you are searching for the best face sunscreen, you should consider one with zinc oxide. This ingredient is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not make your skin prone to acne breakouts.

#4 It has antimicrobial properties

Using a natural sunscreen like this, can offer you extra care for your skin. Mostly, zinc oxide is known for its antimicrobial properties, which aid the skin in healing more quickly. Therefore, it is safe to use even on the most troublesome skin types.

#5 It is almost invisible

A natural sunscreen with zinc oxide is nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye. And this happens because zinc oxide breaks down in tiny particles. It leaves an opaque, protective layer, being perfect for fair-skinned types. 

all you need to know about natural sunscreen

What about a tinted sunscreen with zinc oxide?

When it comes to using natural sunscreen on the face, we automatically think about the famous tinted sunscreen. It offers a beautiful finish to your complexion, by subtly coloring your skin. Also, because it is filled with natural ingredients, a tinted sunscreen with zinc oxide sits on top of your skin, without penetrating it. This makes it perfect for shielding and healing pre-existing complexion problems. Besides, using a tinted sunscreen saves you a lot of trouble, as you won’t need to apply foundation. It promotes a healthy-looking, natural appearance, while it covers noticeably any imperfections. 

How to apply a natural sunscreen

·  Before using a zinc oxide sunscreen, it is recommended to shake the product. In this way, the particles inside get mixed, while their protective characteristics are activated.

·  Apply a significant amount of sunscreen, and make sure you cover all your skin with it. Even though you are wearing clothes, UV rays can penetrate clothing, especially during summer time.

·  Always use a face sunscreen, as this is the most exposed area of our bodies.

·  Opt for natural sunscreens that are specially designed to protect both your body and face. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide will get you the best protection.

all you need to know about natural sunscreen 

Using natural sunscreen all-year round is what will keep your skin glowing and healthy. Choosing a zinc oxide sunscreen will offer only the best for your complexion. You can start protecting your skin today by selecting the best face sunscreen, along with all-over the body natural sunscreen. You will be amazed at how effective such products are. And, of course, you will discover that in timeall you need to know about natural sunscreen, your skin problems will get less obvious. 

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