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Vegetarian Can Upgrade Protein Intake with Soybean Protein

Soybeans are an excellent source of high-quality protein. Soybean is a legume because it grows in pods containing seeds. The food products prepared with the soybean are enriched in protein and can be enjoyed by those who follow a strict vegetarian diet.


Benefits of Soy foods

Any item prepared by using soya beans is Soy foods. Consuming this kind of protein is next only to the protein that we get from the animal food. Soy food also contains a high level of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol which is healthy for cardiovascular health.

You can easily purchase soy items from the food stores or supermarkets- tofu, soya sauce, soy flour, soybean oil to name a few.

Even the non- vegetarian diet followers can incorporate soy food ingredients for making their food healthy and easy to digest.

Below Is The List Of Some Food Items That Contain Soy:

1. Soymilk

- The healthy version of daily milk is called soybean milk which is prepared by soaked soybeans that ground finely and strained.

- As an excellent source of high-quality protein and vitamin B, soy is also available in the plenty of fortified flavors and tastes.

- The powder form of soy can be easily mixed with water.

- It an excellent substitute for those who are lactose intolerant.

- It can also be used for preparing varieties of beverages or as milk substitute in cooking.


2. Soynuts

- Roasted Soya nuts are prepared by baking the whole soybean until browned.

- Nowadays soy nuts are available in a variety of flavors.

- These are an excellent source of protein and isoflavones.

- They have a similar texture and taste that to peanuts.

- You also enjoy it as a mid-day or a post-workout snack.

- It is rich in dietary fibres and completes the daily requirement of protein.


3. Soy Sauce

- It is a dark brown liquid made from soybean.

- The soy sauce is prepared by the process of fermentation.

- It contains minimal soy protein but is rich in salt and iodine.

- You easily find a variety of soya sauce: Shoyu and tamari.

Shoyu is a kind of soybean sauce that is prepared by blending soybean and wheat.

Tamari is a kind of soybean sauce and prepared only by soybeans and by-product of miso.

- Another variety of sauce available in the market is teriyaki sauce which is prepared by infusion soya sauce and other ingredients like sugar, vinegar, and spices.


4. Tempeh

- It is one of the tender soybean products with a chunky texture.

- It is prepared by mixing the whole soybean with another grain such as rice or millet. Further; it is fermented and pressed into a cake or a bar with a smoky or nutty flavour.

- You may enjoy it by adding it to soups, casseroles or chilli, or in grill and marinated dishes.

- It can be found in health food stores.


5. Tofu

- It is a soft soy product which is prepared by curdling fresh, hot soybean milk with coagulant.

- Tofu is also known as soybean curd which has a mild flavour and easily absorbs the flavour of spices and other ingredients, added to it.

- It is a source of high-quality protein and vitamin B, also low in sodium.

- You can find two types of tofu;

Water- tofu is dense and solid with extra firmness. The shape of sliced tofu remains intact on the grill or anywhere you want.

Silken tofu is made by a slightly different process and it is much softer and tender. It is also available in reduced-fat varieties which works well in the pureed or blended dishes


Bottom Line

Whether you are vegetarian or notsoybean, you can always enjoy having these Soy-based food items into your daily meals for fulfilling the requirement of protein in your body.

Abs is made in the kitchen! Eat soya to burn the fat around the belly and to stay in shape! 

Author: Sunita

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