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Valerian Essential Oil

The Incredible Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian Essential Oil is obtained by fractionation or distillation of the roots of the Valeriana officinalis plant. This pinkish white-flowered Valerian plant is known to contain rejuvenating properties for the body and soul. It is the roots of the plants that pack all the therapeutic ingredients. Valerian Essential Oil is primarily used to treat insomnia, anxiety disorder, and relieve stress. It is a highly concentrated liquid and mostly used in aromatherapy. The oil must be safely stored in dark-colored airtight bottles to ensure longer shelf life.

Some of the key points about Valerian Essential Oil

● Botanical Name - Valeriana officinalis

● Plant part used to extract the oil - The roots

● Method of extraction - Steam Distillation

● Perfume type - Strong aroma base with a thin consistency

● Color - Yellowish-green

Valerian Essential Oil

How is Valerian Essential Oil extracted?

There are about 200 different varieties of the Valerian plant. These plants mostly grow in Britain, Northern Europe, China, and South and North America. A fully mature plant can attain a height of up to 5 ft. The Valerian flower is pinkish-white in color. However, it is the roots that contain all the magic. A temperature-controlled steam distillation process enables the extraction of pristine juices from the roots. The freshly cut plants have more valproic acid and isovalerate. These constituents are responsible for the soothing and calming effect that Valerian Essential Oil is known for. The older roots do not release strong sedative and aromatic properties.

Valerian Essential Oil

Major constituents of Valerian Essential Oil

● Valerianol

● Bornyl acetate

● Valeranone

● Valeranal

● Camphene

● a-Kessyl acetate

● Elemol

Valerian Essential Oil

Health benefits of Valerian Essential Oil

The miracles of Valerian roots date back to the Roman and Greek empires. Valerian Oil is rich in sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenols. Valerian Essential Oil contains a substance known as Valerenic acid that is believed to affect gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the brain. These ingredients have earned Valerian Essential Oil an anxiety-reducing drug label.

Many users of Valerian Essential Oil believe that the oil can treat a variety of health troubles viz. insomnia, anxiety, digestive problems, menopause symptoms, headaches, and muscle pain and fatigue due to heavy workouts. The research and data corroborating these facts are still very limited. More studies need to be conducted over a diverse set of the population to confirm the widely believed notions.

Valerian Essential Oil

How to use Valerian Essential Oil?

Valerian Essential Oil can be used in different ways. Its powerful sedative properties make it a perfect choice for sleep-inducing recipes. The heavenly aroma goes well with the other carrier oils for diffusers. The other popular oils viz., cedar wood, pine, rosemary, angelica, lavender, petit grain, and patchouli form a good medicinal blend with Valerian Essential Oil.

The Essential Oils are highly dense with active ingredients. It is advisable to use only 1 ml of Essential Oil with every 10 ml of normal carrier oils like coconut or jasmine.

Storage and Safety

In a perfect world, Valerian Essential Oil does not expire. It is made to last for a long time. The oil does not contain any water or preservatives. Mold, mildew, and yeast can’t grow in it. However, that does not make it immune to heat, light, and oxygen. The oil is basically a smooth fusion of chemicals. If these chemicals are exposed to air for a long timeValerian Essential Oil, then they get oxidized. It may result in changing the molecular structure and the original benefits are lost. It is therefore recommended to keep the oil away from direct sunlight and in a tiny airtight bottle.

The health benefits of Valerian Essential Oil are plentiful. It is a fantastic choice for bringing the much-needed calmness in your life. You must try it to believe the wonders of one of the best natural products available on this planet.

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