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Read What Secrets Your Nails May Reveal About Your Health

Have you noticed your nails? Do you know your nails can give some clues about your overall health? Yes, it is true! Your nails are a good reflection of your overall health and the occurrence of anything in your nails can signify about some health issues.  

If you are having smooth nails without any discoloration then you can take a sigh of relief. But if you have noticed something amiss with the texture or color of your nails then it can be a sign of a disease in your body. Don’t worry! We created this guide to let you know about your nail health and to keep your nail-related anxieties away.

Your Health

So, keep on reading to learn about your fingernail signs about your overall health:

Some Nail Abnormalities

Well, your nail health including texture and color is associated with the functioning of your body. So let’s find some uneven textures and discoloring of your nails that may be signs of a serious illness.

- Pale Nails

Do you have pale nails? Well, this pale color of your nail is giving signs of serious illness in your body. It can be a sign of Anemia, Liver disease, Malnutrition, Congestive heart failure

- White Nails

Don’t think that white is the normal color for nails especially if you have noticed white nails with darker rims. Such types of nails can be a sign of liver problems especially if you have jaundiced fingers.

Your Health

- Yellow Nails

You must have heard yellow, yellow dirty fellow! The same is true for your nails as yellow nails are caused by a fungal infection. If this fungal infection gets worsens then the nail bed may retract.

Yellow nails can also be a sign of serious conditions like thyroid, lung disease, and diabetes but not in all cases.

- Bluish Nails

If you have ever noticed a weird bluish tint on your fingernails, then it means your body is not getting sufficient oxygen.

Even this tiny blue mark of your nail indicates lung problems and also heart issues.

- Rippled Nails

Ripple or pitted nail surface can be an indication of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. Even along with the rippled nail, you can notice that the reddish-brown skin under the nail then it is a sign of inflammatory arthritis.

Your Health

- Cracked Nails

Dry, brittleYour Health, Cracked or split nails do not reveal anything good about your health. This condition of nails is a sign of thyroid disease.

Your Health

- Puffy Nail Fold

Have you noticed redness and puffiness in the skin around the fingernails? It is called inflammation of nail fold and it is caused by lupus or connective tissue disorder.

Infection can also be the reason for redness and inflammation in the skin around the nail so take care of this sign of your nail.

- Dark Lines Beneath the Nail

Now it is a serious issue of nails that should be addressed as soon as possible. These dark lines beneath nails are caused by melanoma means the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Your Health

- Gnawed Nails

Biting nails can be an old bad habit and even some people bite nails in nervousness. But if you don’t have such habit still have gnawed nails then it is a sign of persistent anxiety.

Nail-biting habit is also connected to OCD so it is good to discuss this condition with the concerned doctor.

Your Health

Maybe! Your Nails are playing Puzzle

Many nail abnormalities are harmless so don’t get panic. If you have noticed any sign of health issues connected to your nail health then see your doctor.

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