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Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The History Of Red Nails

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The History Of Red Nails

You love doing your nails. But what do you know about the history of manicure? Well, female beauty routines started with manicured and red painted nails. And if you take a look at the history of red nails, you will notice that people fashioned their nails differently depending on the era in which they lived. But the only consistency is the color red. This type of nail polish was used to send a message, and many ladies used red nail polish to look exquisite and attractive. We shared in this article the most interesting facts about how red nails manicure evolved throughout history. And you will be surprised to learn that ladies painted their nails dark with hints of red at first.

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The History Of Red Nails

3500 B.C. – 1781 B.C.

Did you know that the first to get their nails done were men? Well back, when civilization started, men colored their nails with kohl based on their social status. For example, upper-class men wore black or dark red nails, while lower classes wore only green.

1300 B.C. – 1st Century B.C.

In Ancient Egypt, Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra started the manicure trend, which will last for centuries. Both preferred painting their nails in a red shade, which resembled blood red or ruby. And it was a sign of high class, too. Moreover, pharaohs needed henna manicures in the mummification process to be able to enter the afterlife with all their strength.

600 B.C-1644 A.D.

The Ming Dynasty in China is the one who put the basis of what we know today as artificial nail art. They used to wear fake long nails painted in red to indicate they don’t have to do manual labor. It was a distinctive sign of noblewomen, and they did their best to achieve unusual red coloring and nail shapes.

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The History Of Red Nails

The ’20s and ‘30s

This was the moment in history when Revlon decided to create exclusive manicure products for ladies. At this time in history, ladies colored their nails in high gloss car paint, which offered a satisfying red finish. And Revlon provided access to a revolutionary range of polishes created with pigments and not dyes. Also, in the 30s, the half-moon technique was first used, and let to a massive trend amongst ladies that aimed to be fashionable at all times.

The ’40s and ‘50s

Up until this point, painting nails was expensive and meant exclusively for high-class ladies. But after World War 2, the price of polish dropped and lead to the hysteria related to red nails. From this point on, red manicure became a symbol of flashy and stylish looks. And the best part about this era is that acrylic nails polishes were invented!

The ’60s and ‘70s

In the ’60s, acrylic red nail polishes became increasingly popular. But it can be easily noticed that ladies in the working class preferred mellow shades, as the regulations within the workforce were harsh. And in the late 70s, we can see the introduction of the French manicure, too.

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The History Of Red Nails

The ’80s and ‘90s

In the 80s, people started to get bold about their manicures, and the famous red nails lose some ground. Many ladies opted for extraordinarily long and square-shaped nails, and they colored based on the inspiration offered by the grunge era. You could easily notice both men and ladies painting their nails with dark colors, prints, and patterns.

The 2000s to now

From the 2000s until now, many manicure variations and styles appeared. Still, any lady who aims to look stylish, attractive, and intriguing goes for red nails. Red is so versatile and easy to match to any outfit, that there is no room for failure. The possibilities are endless, and women understand it. Hence, if you have a special occasion to attend to, or if you’re simply looking forward to improving your appearance, red nail polish is the best start!

The bottom line

This was the birth of a trend that lasted for centuries. The history of nail polish is more than interesting. But when it comes to red nail varnish, there is no room to debate: this is the most exquisite manicure approach ever! Red, red and more red! This seems to be the general rule in fashion! And we couldn’t agree more! Wearing red nails and red lipstick will make people around you speechless. SoHere’s What You Didn’t Know About The History Of Red Nails, don’t be afraid to opt for such shades! You will look gorgeous!

Author: Sunita

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