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Milk Diet

Diets, recommending giving up all other food and drink except one, are certainly not advisable for commoners, at least not without full medical advice and support. Such a diet should not be followed for any length of time. A similar rule applies to milk diet too, which is currently becoming a fad, being search a lot on Google. This is a clear indication that other people are considering doing it or at least are curious to know more about the same.

Raw Diet

Knowing what is a milk diet?

 A milk diet involves drinking nothing but only the semi-skimmed milk for a month. Milk is a rich source of various nutrients that are very important for the overall development of health. Being the best source of calcium milk enhances bone health. Its other benefits include weight loss.

How many calories in a cup of milk?

- One cup of 1 percent milk provides 105 calories

- One cup of whole milk provides 148 calories

- One cup of skimmed milk provides 88 calories

Raw Diet

The rationality behind the theory

· The theory is based on the fact that calcium consumption leads to weight loss shedding body fat, especially abdominal fat.

· Also, it cuts calories. Yet it provides the body with protein and nutrients like vitamin D and calcium.

· Protein helps to sate stomach keeping it feeling full providing hunger-fighting hormones.

Raw Diet

Variation in diet

The lesser extreme version of the diet consists of drinking a glass of milk before every meal to help control/curtail the size of your meal and therefore the calorie intake.

With this diet, the body is provided with protein, casein, and calcium. Casein and calcium tend to decrease fat deposits in the body.

According to an independent renowned dietician," drinking four pints of milk a day is almost like retraining your stomach".

Raw Diet

Difficulty with the diet

It has been found out that it is really hard to reduce the portion size. But if the diet is followed strictly with 4 pints of milk for a month, the body gets accustomed to this small volume.

The diet practitioner has advised the semi-skimmed diet for a month (in case of an overweight or obese person). And, the result has been promising. The diet follower was recorded losing up to 3 pounds a week following the diet.However, the dietician must be consulted regularly with the diet plan.

Raw Diet

Points in favor of milk diet are:                                         

·  No refined sugar intake as Milk is naturally sweet.

·  Dense nutrients: Dense nutrients and micronutrients are packed in raw milk. They help in meeting the body requirements for the same.

·  Calcium increases the weight loss rate: A calcium-rich diet boast weight loss.

·  Detoxification:- Milk is a powerful detoxifying agent

·  Have the lean body mass: Drinking milk helps in building lean mass, necessary for losing extra weight.

Raw Diet

 Side effects of the diet

Some dieticians believe that milk lacks important nutrients like magnesium, niacin, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Iron. And most importantly, the diet completely lacks fibre. Lack of these components for a longer period makes people vulnerable to a disorder like Anaemia.

It is also believed that losing a few pounds or getting healthy quickly can be the goal of the diet. But in the long-term, following the diet can give rise to various issues. The follower shows symptom of all-consuming eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorders.

Raw Diet

Some dieticians have also explained complications related with milk diet which may be summarised as:

· Heart health-Milk fat give rises to HDL (good) cholesterol

· People get prone to acne due to excessive milk fat in the body

· The lactose in cow's milk is difficult to digest for some people. They tend to develop nausea, cramps, gas, diarrhoea and bloating issues.

Raw Diet

Go for modification in your milk diet

With slight modifications in the milk diet, one can help weight loss without facing nutritional deficiencies. So, consult your dietician to make changes in this diet plan so that you consume enough of other nutrients alongside. In a more balanced form of a milk dietRaw Diet, the consumption of milk would be higher in comparison to the other drinks and foodstuffs. 

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