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Anchovies Are More than Just a Fish

Anchovies Are More than Just a Fish

Have you heard about anchovy? This is a small and common forage fish found in marine water, mostly brackish water. It is native to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Its availability in bulk makes it very popular in the local cuisine.

Anchovies Are More than Just a Fish

Why Anchovies Are Favorite Local Cuisine And How It Tastes?

These fishes have filth, salty, and savory taste because they are high in amino acid glutamate. Before serving it on the dining table they are first filleted, salt-cured and canned in oil.

These common types of fishes are rich in the dietary fibers and provide some essential nutrients to the body. Like any other fish, anchovies are rich in oil and Omega 3 fatty acids which help in lowering the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. It provides sufficient protein and is low in calories.

Anchovies also provide B vitamin niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B-12 that play a vital role in providing energy and neurological health. Eating anchovies even helps in forming red blood cells and promotes proper digestion which makes your skin healthy.

Anchovies Are More than Just a Fish

Love for Anchovy Is Worldwide Scattered

Not only in South America, anchovies are also prepared in South Indian states like Kerala by serving it dried or roasted. They are served and eaten with the spicy curry for fulfilling the source of protein.

In Tamil Nadu, the dishes prepared by using anchovies are generally referred to as neroli / chooda / Mithila.

How Anchovies Are Different From Sardines?

Sometimes confused with sardines, Anchovies are slimmer and smaller than sardines. However, their flavor is more intense than sardines. That is why anchovies are often used in small amounts and sardines are consumed whole.

Anchovies Are More than Just a Fish

Relishing Anchovies

Anchovies are used to add a punch of flavor where their presence in the dish is neither visible nor chef want taste buds to detect its presence. Anchovy paste is produced to use as an ingredient for preparing tasty finger smacking and delightful recipes.

With this super versatile fish, you add a lot of different variations in your daily recipes. Look for loads of recipes available on the internet that will make your dining table smell exotic and divine using this fish.

People from all across the world have different ways of preparing their cuisines ranging from Spain to Indonesia with this fish. Everyone has their secret ingredient that harmoniously blends with the fish and gives you a taste of a five-star meal, prepared at home.

Anchovies Are More than Just a Fish

Buying and Preserving Anchovies

Anchovies from the Black Sea, Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean Sea are not fresh by the time they reach your dining table. These are preserved ones.

Salt-cured anchovy fillets packed in sunflower or olive oil are often sold in tall, thin re-sealable jars. These are readily available at cheap prices for locals. Moreover, horizontal ring-pull tins or cans are also options for the availability of fish. Make sure to transfer the leftover fish to the airtight container after opening the jar as contact with open-air can contaminate the taste of this fish. The fillets should be submerged in oil to elongate its shelf life.

Anchovies are also available packed in salt. Whole salted anchovies are a meatier, firmer and sweeter option for fish lovers. But you will have to spend an extra half an hour prepping them for your delicacies. This packing of fish comes with their bones and fins intact so it needs filleting. Once you scrape off the excess salt, rinsing the fish with water. Soaking it in milk or white wine softens and enhances their flavor.

Untouched anchovies in a glass jar can be preserved in the fridge for up to six months.

Expert’s Tip: To enjoy the true taste of anchovies just add them whole to your pizzas or the classic French onion tartAnchovies Are More than Just a Fish, pissaladière. Enhance the taste of your salads or use them to prepare your favorite pasta dishes. 

Author: Sunita

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