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Are Caffeine And Kilos Related Positively?

If you think caffeine can lead to weight loss then you probably are not aware of caffeine's side effects, one of which being weight gain.

As coffee has become a healthy food among its consumers, it is necessary to dwell deeper into the side effects of caffeine to segregate the truth and the rumor.

In some studies, it has been found that a drastic reduction in caffeine intake helps to reach the weight loss goal (under the whole body detox program)


Caffeine And Kilos. Positive Impacts of Coffee

Coffee has the highest content of caffeine; Coffee intake is the most popular way of consuming caffeine. 

Caffeine consists of high amounts of polyphenols and other antioxidants. Being a rich source of antioxidants for people, coffee is preferred by many over vegetables to compensate for antioxidant intake in the body.

Moreover, according to recent research, drinking coffee (read lots of coffee) lower the risk of certain medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Claims are being made that drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day is helpful in reduction of risk of developing Type 2 diabetes as far as by 25% when compared to the non-consumers of coffee or those who consume less than two cups daily. 

Also drinking coffee regularly lowers inflammation and free radical-induced oxidative stress which are responsible for obesity.


Caffeine And Kilos. The Thermogenic Effect of Caffeine 

Caffeine has been believed to have a thermogenic effect, which means it speeds up the fat-burning process in the body and thus helps in weight loss. 

Caffeine consumption also helps to maintain body weight as it induces appetite control and improves metabolism.

On the contrary, the caffeine content of coffee leads to poor sleep and more sugar craving in some people. Both of these factors lead to weight gain. 

Additionally, coffee contains added sugar and excessive calories.


Caffeine And Kilos. Side Effects of Caffeine Consumption 

Caffeine acts as a stimulant and blocks the effects of adenosine. It is a chemical present in the brain, responsible for sleep. 

Consuming coffee at the late hours interferes with sleep pattern and leads to weight gain, gradually. Poor sleep has always been associated with increased appetite, craving for processed food and higher body weight.

Sometimes people pair a cup of coffee with sweet treats like pastries and chocolates.The addition of high sugar content snacks with your coffee is undoubtedly responsible for weight gain.

Tip: - As an alternative, you can enjoy your unsweetened coffee with a handful of nuts or within egg breakfast in the morning. 

Note: - Protein and fats induce satiety, lowering the sugar cravings.


Caffeine And Kilos. Bulletproof Coffee 

An unsweetened cup of coffee is far better than sweetened coffee blends which are responsible for weight gain.

Moreover, sometimes people are in the habit of adding butter or coconut oil to their coffee, to make it a trendy drink called bulletproof coffee. Although reading healthy fats like coconut oil is good for health but these high fat and high-calorie food in your coffee often leads to unwanted weight gain.

Drink Coffee Adjusting Weight Gain

• Avoiding sugar in your coffee mum is the best way to keep weight gain at bay.

• As an alternative to sugar, you can add flavor to your coffee by

• Adding a pinch or two of cinnamon

• Using unsweetened healthy milk like almond, coconut or half and half

• Adding a few drops of vanilla essence/extract comes handy to enhance the flavor of coffee

• Add a small piece of high-quality dark chocolate to enhance the flavor

• Or you can use a natural and no-calorie sweetener such as stevia to keep weight gain under check.


Caffeine And Kilos. Words of Precaution

• Half and half milk and coconut milk although are low in sugar content but have higher calories. So, it is always advisable to add a small amount of these in your coffee to compensate for excessive calorie intake. 

• Make your coffee at home rather than going to Cafes. Over-the-counter cafes are prepared with sweetened milk which adds to the calories and thus adds kilos of weight.

• If bulletproof coffee is your choice, go for grass-fed butter or coconut oil in your dietCaffeine, but in a small amount to check calorie intake. 

Author: Sunita

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