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Michael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover

How to Succeed In Michael Thurmond’s Six Week Body Makeover

We have all known Michael Thurmond from his appearance on the show Extreme Makeover. Witnessing his results and how he succeeded on changing people’s lives drastically for the best, there were surely many times when you wished you could have him in your life to help you get the body of your dreams.

While you may not be able to have him mentor you in person to achieve your body goals, Michael Thurmond puts at your disposition his famous Michael Thurmond’s Diet, along with a six-week plan for your complete body makeover.

Michael Thurmond’s six-week body makeover has been helping people from different parts of the world be in shape and get results for over 15 years.

What’s the secret behind the success Michael Thurmond’s diet? We believe the answer lies in this program being easy to apply and highly flexible.

The program’s flexibility manifests in allowing you to create your own blueprint, defined by your body, current health conditions, your food preferences, and any allergic reactions to certain ingredients.

By the time you complete your evaluation, either on the questionnaire delivered to you with the program kit or online, you can then move on to designing your own makeover plan.

Each body type has its own specifications, and the ability of Michael Thurmond’s diet to adopt to each type is what makes his 6-week body makeover a revolutionary strategy to lose weight healthily and with the least struggles.

If you are looking to incorporate Michael Thurmond’s Diet into your daily routine, it is important to start by understanding that there are four main body types. These are: endo-meso, endo-ecto, meso-endo, and endomorph.

Finding out which body types of those is yours will enable you to lose weight and reach your goals in less time, since each type has its unique metabolic rates that make it lose or gain weight differently.

Read on to discover what the Michael Thurmond’s six-week body makeover is really about. You will surely be tempted to give it a shot as soon as possible!

Michael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover

The Principle behind Michael Thurmond’s Diet

To successfully follow Michael Thurmond’s diet flawlessly, you will first need to understand the logic behind it.

Thurmond’s diet is based on a simple principle: eat more meals in smaller portions, rather than less meals with bigger portions.

Even though this plan may seem counterintuitive, it makes a lot of sense when explained in more details.

For instance, if you are used to eating three main meals every day, a healthier alternative would be to split those three meals into five smaller meals throughout the day.

Why? Simply because eating is smaller amounts will enable you to keep your metabolism going throughout the day.

While the foods to include in your diet highly depend on your body type, it is generally recommended to avoid processed foods and dairy, as well as lowering your salt intake.

Michael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover

Creating Your 6 Week Body Makeover Workout Plan

Of course, you know by now that weight loss does not only rely on adopting a diet, but also following a workout routine.

For this reason, Michael Thurmond provides you with a personalized plan to apply daily in order to achieve the body makeover you desire.

The workouts in Thurmond’s six-week body makeover plan are focused on building resistance through exercises that should be performed for 18 minutes, twice a week only. Nothing crazy, right?

What is great about Thurmond’s workout plan is the fact that it can be done either at the gym or in your bedroom or living room. Along with that, some daily cardio is necessary to keep your body active.

Working out does not have to be restricted to repeating the same moves until you get bored. Rather, there are many fun activities you can include in your workout program, such as: tennis, step aerobics, belly dancing, and running.

Michael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover

What Michael Thurmond’s Six-Week Body Makeover The Best

Besides the fact that this program is still applied until today, 15 years after it came to existence, there are many reasons that make Michael Thurmond’s 6 week body makeover the best to sculpt the body of your dreams.

In his program, Thurmond focuses on exercise and nutrition as a powerful duo that will enable anyone to lose as much weight as they want. Not only that, his customizable plan allows people with different body types to create their own weight loss plans that will enable them to get results in less time.

Additionally, Michael Thurmond’s diet encourages eating more meals throughout the day. So, you can put your fear of starving to death to lose weight behind, as this counterintuitive approach will make weight loss a comfortable journey to you.

On top of all that, you will also receive a special guide that will assist you to make all the right choices to stay within the limits of your diet.

Michael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover

Moreover, the program gives its users the ability to track their progress throughout this weight loss journey, by providing them with effective tools and hacks that will help them monitor their achievements in order to measure how close they are getting from the body of their dreams.

Nevertheless, criticism is inevitable for every successful program, and Michael Thurmond’s six-week body makeover does not make the exception. In this regards, many users complain about the high costs of the makeover plan, and accuse Michael Thurmond’s diet of being too strict and restricted. According to them, this does not only minimize their options, but it makes preparing meals ten times harder and may also lead to a rebound effect, since some foods are excluded from the diet.

Michael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover

A Final Word

It goes without saying that Michael Thurmond’s six-week body makeover can be an effective way to lose weight and achieve your body goals swiftly. Despite that, it is crucial to remember that a rapid weight loss can be dangerous to your health.

Hence, you must always keep in mind that change takes time. Your body got used to your previous eating habits. For this reason, getting used to the new diet and workout activity will take practice, and a lot of patience.

The results you desire, as well as the time it takes to achieve them, all depend on your gender, age, weight, and whether you suffered from any health conditions before or during the program.

In general, you must make sure to ask your doctor or health expert before making any changes in your lifeMichael Thurmond Diet or 6 week body makeover, and to start slowly so you do not overwhelm your body and mind with the sudden habits.

Your health is your most valuable asset. Make the most out of it by fostering a lifestyle that will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

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