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Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs

Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs?

Culture and religious beliefs have a strong impact on your life. The diverse credence has led to many dos and don’ts in your life. There are both sides to a story. You have vegetarians on one side promoting what they think is right and on the other hand, a strong non-vegetarian community is ready for any debate. The non-vegetarian platter is clear about its inclusion and exclusions. However, there are certain food items that have created ambiguity in the definition of being a vegetarian.

Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs

Eggs top the list of this confusion. Although the modern egg is from hens that are not fertilized by a rooster, still many vegetarians denounce its consumption. As we know, vegetarians are known to avoid animal-based foods. Lamb, seafood, chicken, pork, etc. are a strict no for them. The vegetarian police have issues with even dairy products such as milk, tofu, curd, etc. that are sourced from animals. Eggs still enjoy being part of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

In order to answer the big question, ‘Do vegetarians eat eggs?’ there can be no direct answer unless you know what kind of vegetarian are you referring to. 

Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs

There Are Three Broad Categories Of Vegetarians

● Vegetarians

According to PETA, vegetarians do not eat animals including cows, fish, pork, lamb, etc. They, however, do eat eggs. This is an important statement especially when it comes to PETA that has a strong opinion on dictating the right eating habits.

● Vegans

Vegans are those vegetarians that eat all the things that are allowed for vegetarians excluding dairy products like eggs, milk, cheese, etc. They are very clear about what to include and what not to. In fact, vegans have made it rather simple by avoiding anything that is derived from animals.

● ‘Ethical’ Vegans

There is one more special category that is fairly new. They are called ‘ethical’ vegans. Lacto-Ovo vegetarian is also a common label for them. This modern type understands the logic behind vegetarians restricting themselves to a plant-based diet. Vegetarians see killing animals for food as a cruel act. Ethical vegans support this thought but also know that today the eggs that we eat do not, in any way, support cruelty. So yes, they eat eggs.

Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs

How did It All Start?

The changing food preferences are as interesting as the evolution of humans. The things that were considered ok in old times may not be acceptable today. The way the eggs are produced now is completely different from what used to be some 100 years ago. The nutritional requirements have drastically changed. The fast-paced city life leaves you with no extra time for cooking and other personal activities. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and Omega-3 fats. They are easy to cook and carry great taste. The modern-day challenges, the hardships in balancing professional and personal life, etc. are encouraging vegetarians or vegans to welcome this wonder food in their kitchen.

Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs


There is a strong argument that the egg that we eat will not support any life form and hence it is ok to eat. Some people do not agree. According to them, chickens remain productive for only 2-3 years after which they are sent for slaughter. So, by avoiding eggs altogether you are actually saving them from killing. Not eating eggs will lower the demand for chickens and eventually they will be saved from the cruelty of slaughter houses.

At the end of the dayDo Vegetarians Eat Eggs, it comes down to personal opinion. There have been logics and counter logics and there will be even more in the future. Eating is like meditation and every person has a right to choose his own way to satisfy his soul the way he likes. 

Author: Shreeya

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