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How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

PASTA! Yes you heard it right.

It is a food which has easily made its way to every kitchen in the world – be it Italy, Brazil, India or any country.  

But do you know about its origin and type? How it is made? Is it healthy? Can it be taken every day?

How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

Well, below I have listed all information which everyone should be aware of:

·  Origin and Composition:

Pasta finds its root in Italy; many believe that Marco Polo introduced Pasta to Italy.

It is made by mixing semolina flour, common flour with water and the dough is kneaded to get homogenous weight and it is then dried after cutting it in different shapes.

·  Varieties:

There are many varieties of pastas in the world. Some of the long and medium pastas are Spaghetti, Bucatini, Fileja and short-cut pastas are Boccoli, Festoni, Fusilli and many more.

They can be cooked in different styles and thus are known by different names like ‘cheese pasta, pasta carbonara, red sauce pasta, baked pasta, lasagna, mushroom sauce pasta and the list is endless.

How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

Is Pasta Healthy?

Pasta is a good source of carbohydrate and provides some nutrients that are important to health but can be bad for health too if not brought the right type and consumed in excess.

People buy more of refined pasta as compared to the whole grain pasta. Refined pasta means that the wheat kernel has been stripped of the germ and bran and it is lower in fiber and more in carbs and thus you do not feel full after having a full plate of the same.

On the other side, whole grained pastas have lowered appetite and increased fullness in those who have consumed it.

Studies have further shown that regular consumption of refined pasta has resulted in weight gain, increase in weight size, and increase in blood sugar level too.

It is generally recommended to include whole grained pasta in diet because it contains many nutrients like manganese, phosphorus, copper and fiber. Additionally, whole grained are richer in fiber and less in calories as compared to the refined one.

How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

How to Make Pasta Healthy?

To have balanced meal Pasta, it is advised to take it with multiple ingredients like sauce, vegetables, and cheese. Since it is a main source of carbs, and when taken with a multiple ingredient it becomes a healthy meal for the body.

Ø Protein: Don’t forget to add protein to it as you already know it is a carb diet and consuming it alone can bring some health issues like increase in blood sugar level which further leads to craving for the carbohydrates. Thus, it is advisable to add a lot of protein.

This can be done by adding some finely cooked chicken pieces, eggs, fresh fish and cereals.

How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

Ø Good Fat: It is always recommended to include good fats in the diet and why it should be left behind when we talk about pasta. At least, it will make our dish look rich! Some source of good fat are cheese, butter and Paneer (soft cheese).

Ø Put a Lot of Veggies: Veggies are stars of every dish and same goes for Pasta as well. They are a great source of minerals and vitamins and add value to the food by making it even rich in terms of dietary properties.

Add as many colorful vegetables as possible like capsicum, mushroom, Spring onions, tomatoes, broccoli.

Other ingredients like garlic, ginger should not be left out as they act as antioxidants and have inflammatory properties.

Now, you know all about Pasta and how it can be turned into a healthy mealHow Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal, don’t shy away from having a healthy one.

BUT! Be watchful of how much you take into your plate! 

How Pasta Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

Author: Sunita

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