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Kardashian Tea Diet: good or bad?

Admit it! You’ve seen at least one post on Instagram, which praised the Kardashian tea diet. And you might’ve wondered what the deal with this is. Well, besides the controversy that it stirred on the internet, this tea diet is quite simple to understand. First of all, you should know this refers to the concept of fit tea diet, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to purchase an expensive tea blend. Instead, it would be best if you focused on your diet and how you include the tea in your routine. If you’re interested in finding out insights about the Kardashian tea diet, this article is for you! Read on to discover whether or not this weight loss plan is for you!

Diet Tea

Kardashian diet tea: the Fit Tea Diet

The concept behind this diet is that you are not required to have breakfast, even though doctors highly recommend it. As such, if you aim to lose weight, the fit tea diet says that the first meal of the day shouldn’t be your main concern. The fit tea diet promotes fat loss due to the fed and fasted state.

The fed state refers to the moment in which your body digests and absorbs food. In most cases, it starts when you’re eating and lasts between 3 to 5 hours. In the fed state, the common belief is that it is difficult to burn fat due to the high insulin levels.

The fasted state is when your body doesn’t digest food. This is the moment when fat gets burned, and it starts 12 hours after your last meal. So, the idea behind the fit tea diet is that skipping breakfast will keep you in a fasted state so that you jumpstart your weight loss journey. As an example, if you have dinner at 9 pm and eat your breakfast at 9 am, you won’t enter the fasted state. Thus, skipping breakfast is key. 

Diet Tea

What are the benefits of the Kardashian tea diet?

Even though it is somehow a highly restrictive diet, it might offer you some health benefits. These include:

- A boost in fat loss, as your body will spend more time in the fasted state.

- Diminished cravings, as it is believed that the fit tea diet prevents cravings for unhealthy foods. 

- A boost in insulin response and overall balanced blood sugar levels.

- A boost in energy levels.

- A rather simple diet plan.

- Fast weight loss.

Diet Tea

What can you eat during the fasted state?

So, the success of the Kardashian tea diet is in what you do when you are in the fasted state. You are allowed to consume only the following:

- Plenty of water to keep hunger at bay and your body hydrated.

- Drinking a cup of fit tea, usually consisting of a green tea blend, which is meant to boost the fat burning process and prevent cravings.

Diet Tea

Are there are health safety risks with the Kardashian tea diet?

As it is the case with any restrictive diet, there might be a couple of downsides to following this diet. Some of the disadvantages of a fit tea diet might include:

- Inability to maintain your new weight, due to the fact that it happens fast and it is a direct result of not eating. As such, when you start having your breakfast again, you might gain your weight back.

- Unbalanced nutritional intake, as you skip the most important meal of the day. You might experience nutrient deficiencies.

- Potentially harmful for your digestive tract. Not eating in the morning and drinking only tea until lunch might cause an imbalance in your gut. As such, you might experience mild to severe digestive issues like bloating, constipation, or stomach pain.

- If you drink the original fit tea, you might experience diarrhea. It is a mix of laxatives and diuretics that might cause such issues.

Diet Tea

Well, the Kardashian tea diet might be easy and safe to follow, as all you have to do is replace your breakfast with tea. Still, you should carefully assess whether or not this approach suits your body’s requirements. If you are suffering from a health condition, you should ask your medical practitioner’s advice before enrolling in such a restrictive meal plan. Indeed, you can lose weight fast, but at the same timeDiet Tea, it can cause serious health problems. Those that have diabetes or heart problems should seek medical advice prior to enrolling in the diet tea. 


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