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The Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil

The Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil

Lemon Peel Oil is one of the most sought after essential oils that are popularly used for therapeutic purposes. This natural oil is obtained from the peels of fresh lemons. Lemon peels are rich in vitamin C, D-limonene and fibers. The presence of these nutrients delivers numerous health benefits with almost zero side effects. Lemon Peel Oil is highly concentrated and must be used with other carrier oils to limit the amount of dosage.

The Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil

What is Lemon Peel Oil?

Lemon Peel Oil is an Essential Oil that has been traditionally used by women for reaping numerous health benefits. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy and are considered as alternative medicine that supports health and well being. Lemon Peel Oil has compounds that carry the ‘essence’ of lemons. It has many active ingredients such as Limonene, Citral, Geranial, Citronellyl Acetate, Pinene, Carotene, and Pectin.

How is Lemon Peel Oil Made?

Lemon Peel Oil is obtained by fractionation or steam distillation process. The oil is extracted from the peels of fresh lemons by pricking and rotating which in turn releases the oil. This oil is then mixed with a carrier oil to make them a commercially viable product. This process is also termed as cold pressing. The way the oil is extracted determines its quality. There are some chemical processes also, but using chemical agents leaves out most of the aroma and the benefits in the peels itself. A mechanical process like cold pressing is one of the best methods to get the quintessential Lemon Peel Oil.

The Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil

Lemon Peel Oil Health Benefits

● May reduce anxiety and depression

The lemon-scented products are known for their magical rejuvenation properties. Most women love the aroma and feel of lemons. Lemon Peel Oil has powerful calming and mood-improving agents. This oil relaxes your mind. Many studies also claim that regular use of Lemon essential oil reduces stress and anxiety by lowering the cortisol levels. Some experts also advise its use in fighting depression.

●  Eases morning sickness

Pregnant women often suffer from nausea and vomiting. The frequent use of Lemon Peel Oil can reduce the severity of these symptoms. Many healthcare providers now recommend women suffering from morning sickness to keep this oil with them to alleviate the painful symptoms.

The Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil

●  Offers healthier skin

The lemon essential oil can kill the harmful bacteria on your skin. These daysThe Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil, women prefer to apply a mix of Lemon Peel Oil and other healthy oils like almond and coconut oils to get lustrous skin. This oil can also help you get rid of bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli to heal small wounds.

●  Relieves Pain

It is a well-known fact that lemons contain a high dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C can improve your immunity significantly. The analgesic properties of Lemon Peel Oil can be effectively used in treating mild pain. The brain interprets the pain with low intensity when you inhale Lemon Peel Oil. The relaxing scent of this oil can soothe the stiff muscles of your throat. The essential oils are not safe to ingest and should be kept away from the reach of children.

How to Use Lemon Peel Oil?

Women can use the Lemon essential oil in the following two ways:

1. Use it in a diffuser

You can put Lemon peel Oil in a diffuser and let your room fill with the unique aroma. The diffuser should not run for more than 30 minutes for the best effects.

The Quintessential Lemon Peel Oil

2. Use it topically

You can also mix this oil with other carrier oils and apply them on your skin topically. The amount of lemon Peel Oil should be limited to a few drops only as it is highly concentrated.

Lemon Peel Oil is just incredible. It can certainly bring a positive change in your overall health in the most natural way. A must-have for women who believe in the wonders of aromatherapy!

Author: Sunita

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