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Do Planks Daily

Why You Should Do Planks Daily

Planks represent one type of bodyweight exercise that will never go out of style. They are one of the most efficient exercises you can do on a daily basis, and they provide several impressive health benefits. And the beauty of it is that they require a small investment on your part while providing you the chance to achieve outstanding results rapidly. Still, if you are not convinced about why you should do planks daily, read down below the main reasons why you should start doing it!


Do Planks Daily

You will boost your core and performance capabilities if you do planks

Planks are the perfect exercise for bettering abdominal muscles. They tackle all major core muscle groups and improve their functionality. So, if you strengthen the muscles in this area, you will gain an increased ability to lift weights, better performance, better abilities to side bending, and a supported back.

Do Planks Daily 

You will shield your back against injuries if you do planks

Another benefit of doing planks daily is that you will diminish the risk of having a back or spinal injury. Doing planks daily lowers back pain intensity, strengthens back muscles, and provides strong support for your entire back.


Do Planks Daily

You will have better posture if you do planks

Of course, planks are the best solution for those with a bad posture. Performing this exercise daily can have a beneficial impact on your back, as it will keep your bones and joints in correct alignment. Besides, a good posture will position correctly your spine, which will ward off potential back pain. 


You will become more flexible if you do planks

Well, planks are so good that you will see how rapidly you will become more flexible. Flexibility is essential for planks, as such exercises stretch your body, arche your feet and toes. And depending on the type of plank you are doing, you can become even more flexible.


Do Planks Daily

You will have better mental health if you do planks

Did you know that planking has a direct impact on our mental wellbeing? Well, studies show that doing planks daily can better mood, and support brain functionalities. In addition, planks can aid in managing anxiety and symptoms of depression. Keep in mind that you can achieve such mental benefits only if you perform planks daily. 


You will have a better balance if you do planks

Planks strengthen your abdominal muscles, which are responsible for our ability to keep our balance. So, doing side planks and planks can aid with improving your balance, while supporting your spine and movement. 


You will have a better metabolic rate if you do planks

Planking can improve all your bodily functions, especially your metabolic rate. Doing daily this exercise will ensure that you burn more energy. And the beauty of it is that your metabolic rate will remain high all day long, meaning you will experience planking benefits in the long run. 

Do Planks Daily

But how to hold a plank correctly?

1. Get into a push-up position on the mat.

2. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and position your weight on your forearms.

3. Maintain your torso straight and rigid, and make sure your body sits in a straight line without bending.

4. Relax your head and maintain your eyesight on the floor.

5. Hold the plank as long as you can.

6. Don’t forget to breathe steadily.


Can you better your plank in time?

Well, of course! Practicing daily planking can lead to you mastering it better. Allowing 5 to 10 minutes daily for planks can aid you in staying fit, healthy, and robust. The trick is to increase the plank’s difficulty gradually and to allow your body to adjust to the new challenge. 


Are there any health risks associated with planks?

Overall, anyone can do planks daily without experiencing adverse effects. Of course, you should perform this exercise correctly at all times to avoid unnecessary back or joint pain. Still, if you suffer from one of the conditions listed below, you should be advised that planking is not recommended for you:

1. Prolapse, or after prolapse surgery;

2. Pelvic pain and associated conditions;

3. Troubles with pelvic floor muscles;

4. Overweight;

5. Previously troublesome childbirth.

Do Planks Daily 

So, now that you know you can devote five minutes per day for planking, there is no excuse not to stick to this simple exercise routine. It is all about creating a habit and training your body in being stronger and healthier than never. Besides, you will experience an overall mood improvementDo Planks Daily, which will keep at bay several mental issues. Planks are easy to perform and need your attention for up to 15 minutes daily. 

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