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Cooking Super Foods

Cooking Super Foods in Your Kitchen

Superfood cannot give you superpowers like Popeye who gets massive strength boost after eating spinach. But, there are certain things that label some of the nutrition-rich food as a "superfood". Such foods help improving individual good health and curb long term illness.

Adding nutritious or healthy ingredients to your daily recipes holds the key for a healthy life and quality well-being.

The listed ingredients are easily available in the local markets or groceries for making your food more interesting and delicious. And if you are also like me, who find it difficult to eat a healthy balanced diet then you should definitely learn about these best super foods.

Cooking Super Foods

I have listed some of the foods that may be worthy of the esteemed superfood title.

1. Garlic

 • Counted as one of the most versatile and indispensable ingredients around that can be easily used as a raw superfood or cooked form.

 • It is good for making dressing, salads, and butter.

 • It suits to every dish and certainly compliments every recipe that you prepare.

 • Garlic is known to be enriched with medicinal benefits for centuries.

 • Helpful in supporting immune function and reducing your risk to heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol, and certain cancers.

Cooking Super Foods

2. Berries

 • It is known as the powerhouse of nutrition.

 • These are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants.

 • You may enjoy them easily with your breakfast, desserts, and smoothies or even served as topping on salads and kinds of pasta.

 • Enriched with health benefits for treating the various digestive and immune-related disorders.

 • Used traditionally in medical therapies.

 • Some famous berries available in the market are raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries.

Cooking Super Foods

3. Broccoli

 • This vegetable is a classic reputation holder of the original superfood.

 • Whenever I cannot make up my mind about what green I want on my plate I always jazz up my dish with the handful of broccoli for adding lots of colors and health on my plate.

 • It is ideally perfect in creating plenty of sour to creamy dishes.

Cooking Super Foods

4. Eggs

The first thing that comes into my mind and the first thing I could imagine is that it doesn't matter what comes first let just be thankful that chickens lay eggs. An egg contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily.

• Eggs are loaded with high-quality proteins.

• It is one of the world's healthiest foods that can be added to any dish for enhancing its flavor and quality.

• It is good for increasing "good" HDL cholesterol, reduces heart diseases of diabetes risk.

• It contains two potent antioxidants, zeaxanthin, and lutein which are helpful in protecting vision and maintaining eye health.

• Women or a teenage girl can easily consume 6 to 12 eggs per week, for maintaining the calcium and protein level.

Cooking Super Foods

5. Nuts and Seed

 • A daily bowl of Nutrition is incomplete without nuts and seeds.

 • They're packed with fiber, vegetarian protein and healthy- heart fats.

 • Interestingly, nuts and seeds are helpful in promoting weight loss only if they are included in a healthy and balanced manner.

 • Eating pines and nuts daily in breakfast, helps your heart against any diseases.

 • It can be easily consumed raw added to your casseroles, plenty of dishes, salads and a lot more.

Cooking Super Foods

To be continued………

The list of these above-mentioned super foods can be paired with any kind of cuisines or meals for achieving optimal health and nutrition. Eating the so-called superfood has now become more about the latest food trend rather than just eating right.

A healthy mind is a sign of a healthy bodyCooking Super Foods, and eating these varieties of nutritious food every day can benefit your overall health and may prevent certain chronic diseases.

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