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Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

The holistic concept is incorporating holism or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its part which is applicable in theory as well as practical aspects.

In other words for holistic as an adjective is used to explain the concept that the entirety of something has to be considered instead of just considering its sections/parts.

The philosophy related to holistic is referred to as holism which can be used generally to describe approaches the elements about psychology and alternative medicine.

Sometimes for treating injuries, a holistic approach is considered under which the entire body is taken into consideration instead of just the affected part. In real life, holistic medicine is referred to as alternative medicine, with usage in many other contexts too.

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

Breaking the Word Holistic

Holistic can be broken into two, the first part of the word being 'hol', that refers to the whole and the suffix ling 'ism' which means principle or doctrine.

When we add suffix 'istic', it makes an adjective.

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

Medical Relevance

The medical context of the word holistic describes an advancement that tries to treat the overall well being of a person, taking into consideration physical, psychological and social requirements rather than focusing on the affected part alone.

This approach is quite different from traditional western medicine. Holistic treatment, for ages, has been associated with psychological treatment under which the body must be treated as a whole unit and its parts are taken into account for complex interactions.

Even in the psychological context, the term holistic refers to the study of the mind as a single unit rather than a combination of its different parts or functions.

Very often the holistic approach, when used in the medicinal contest, is perceived as a scientific approach.

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

Living a Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic lifestyle refers to a lot of healthy lifestyle or mode of living in which the practitioner chooses to live their life and heal the body through natural remedies.

The most unique aspect of this lifestyle is that everything is viewed as a whole whether it's sickness or something physical.

Irrespective of the background of sickness which can be emotional, psychological or physiological, the holistic lifestyle renders the practitioner the bodily preparation against challenges in life that may occur due to circumstances or surroundings.

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

To Reach The Holistic And Relaxed Life's Goal, Few Practices Are Involved Which Includes:

1) Practicing mindfulness means not caring about the future, rather trying to make the best out of every present situation.

2) Respecting and recognizing the power of your body which involves trying to tap the hidden powers of your body and use them to your advantage, either by meditating for connecting with the rest of the world or following practices that bring solace to mind and thoughts.

3) Eating clean food to maintain body strength, without any illness or ailments. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, flavors, cereals and edibles prepared with a happy mind are keys to a healthy body.

4) Maintaining relationships with positivity which refers to accepting your mistakes and having space for forgiveness among relationships. Anger and negativity always lead to stress and difficulties which are never desirable.

5) Let your inner self grow for recycling your energy refer to pushing yourself beyond your limits and indulge in practices that sometimes help you to come out of bodily constraints and comforts. This helps to recognize your inner strength.

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic


A holistic approach is sometimes used in the context of businesses also in which it refers to analyzing an organization from a point of view of a project or a process about its efficiency or effectiveness.

Above allClearing the Air around Word Holistic, a holistic approach refers to find the silver lining in every dark situation. Be prepared for everything in life and take an objective approach to learn.

Clearing the Air around Word Holistic

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