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Is honey better than sugar?

Is honey better than sugar?

Admit it! You asked yourself at least once whether or not is honey better than sugar. And many people mistakenly assume those two ingredients are the same since they offer a high level of sweetness. But did you know that if you substitute sugar with honey, you can significantly improve your wellbeing? Well, if you are interested in discovering an honest answer on the topic, keep reading this article. Up next, our experts discuss everything you need to know about carbs in honey, honey calories, and why you should use it instead of sugar.

Is honey better than sugar?

Why is honey better than sugar?

The science says the following: our bodies are designed to transform food into glucose so that it is used as fuel. The more complex a food is, the more time it takes for it to be broken down. And since sugar is made out of 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose, it might be easily broken down in the body if it comes from fruits. Yet, at the same time, it will boost blood glucose levels. And besides this, your body will store the remaining compounds as fat.

On the other hand, honey is also made from sugar, but it comes with only 30 percent glucose. And at the same time, it features 20 other sugars in the mix, which makes your body spend more time breaking it all down to glucose. As a result, you will get fewer calories than it is the case with refined sugar. 

Yet the main reason why honey is better than sugar is that it can feed your body small amounts of minerals, based on the area in which your honey is produced. Hence, you can access several health benefits, without exposing your body to harmful preservatives and additives, as it is the case with sugar.

Is honey better than sugar?

Carbs in honey and honey calories

The average carbs in honey for 100 grams of the product goes up to 80 grams. But what recommends honey as the healthiest options when compared to sugar is the fact that honey calories can be as low as 20 calories per one teaspoon. And besides this, honey is popular due to the following aspects.

Low glycemic index

One of the top reasons why you should use honey instead of sugar is that it comes with a low glycemic index. This happens because honey is low in fructose while featuring in its composition trace amounts of beneficial minerals. 

Rich in digestive enzymes and probiotics

An interesting fact about consuming honey is that it can contribute to your digestive health. This happens because bees have an exciting mix of beneficial bacteria in their guts, which in turn act as probiotics in honey. Hence, studies suggest that honey might aid in balancing the lactic acid bacteria in the human gut.

Is honey better than sugar?

Antiseptic properties

For centuries now, honey was used due to its healing properties. First of all, mixing honey with lemon and hot water will get you a helpful sore throat or cough relief mixture. Secondly, applying honey on a wound can help you cleanse it and provide antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. And if you take into account the fact that refined sugar causes inflammation in the body, it is safe to assume that it is always best to avoid it. 

Rich in a wide array of nutrients

Honey was proved to be the primary source of several nutrients, which our bodies need to function correctly. So, based on the type of honey you purchase, you might receive small amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B3, folate, calcium, potassium, zinc, or manganese. Sugar won’t offer you any health benefits, but instead, it can pose a health risk since it favors the appearance of inflammation, and it might impede your body from absorbing vital nutrients. 

Is honey better than sugar?

Might help ease allergies

Recently, many specialists discussed the possibility to fight allergies with the aid of honey. The idea here is that one might relieve seasonal allergies if he or she consumed locally harvested honey. The local pollen might aid the body to become less sensitive t allergies, which in turn might decrease the frequency of allergic reactions. Still, there is a need for additional studies to confirm such ideas, which is why you should consume honey with caution if you know you are experiencing allergies.

Honey vs. sugar: the verdict

So, the main idea is that both honey and sugar need to be consumed with moderation. Yet refined sugar might pose serious health risks if consumed in huge amounts. This is why nutritionists and medical experts advise that it is always best to use a couple of teaspoons of honey instead of sugar. In this wayIs honey better than sugar?, you will keep up your health while receiving additional health benefits. The standard daily intake of honey should not exceed three teaspoons. This is the amount that will get you all the health benefits honey has to offer. 

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