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Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

It is easy to forget that Hollywood stars are people just like us. And the truth is that celebs use DIY beauty hacks, too. We are just keen to overlook this mere fact that celebs use kitchen ingredients in their skincare routines. So, when it comes to achieving a glamorous look and impressive red-carpet appearance, these stars have some secrets to share. Read on to find out the lib scrub secrets from celebs that can help you achieve the best results!

Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

1. Priyanka Chopra homemade lip exfoliating scrub

Priyanka Chopra says she always pays extra attention to the delicate skin on her lips. She pampers and exfoliates them regularly to look gorgeous at all times. Chopra’s recipe for a homemade lips scrub is the following:

- Use some 100% pure vegetable glycerine, sea salt, and rose water

- Choose the ratios based on your lip size

- Pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix until you achieve a homogenous texture

- Rub the composition gently on your lips and rinse

Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

2. Kourtney Kardashian’s hydrating lip scrub

Even though we’re talking about scrubs, hydration is still key to your beauty care success. And Kourtney Kardashian says she loves to save time and make her own lip scrub. She recommends the following recipe for the most gorgeous lips:

- Take equal parts of coconut oil and honey

- Mix with organic raw sugar

- Spread the composition over the lips with gentle moves and rinse

Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

3. Lindsay Ellingson’s homemade concoction scrub

Beauty goddess Lindsay Ellingson says she never skips from her beauty care routine the lip scrub step. She believes it is the only one who can contribute significantly to a smooth appearance, and it can rejuvenate damaged lips. Ellingson’s lip scrub recipe is as it follows:

- Take one or two tablespoons of coconut oil and raw honey

- Mix it with the juice from a lime and raw sugar

- Massage it on your lips and rinse, it will hydrate and replenish 

Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

4. Olivia Culpro’s plump lips scrubs

Olivia Culpro swears her plump lips happen thanks to a homemade recipe she applies once per week. And since she’s been spotted doing her own makeup before events, we tend to believe her. Culpro’s recipe is the following:

- Use equal amounts of organic brown sugar and organic honey

- Mix the ingredients until you get an even texture

- And rub the concoction for a minute and wipe it out afterward

Lip Scrubs From Celebs!

5. Mariah Carey’s mint lip scrub

If you’re searching for something more refreshing, Mariah Carey might help you. She admitted in an interview that her plump lips are not the result of an injection. Instead, Carey says she makes her DIY lip scrub from the following ingredients:

- Take a few drops of peppermint oil and mix it with organic brown sugar

- Rub the mixture on the lips for 60 seconds and wipe clean with a cloth

So, what are the benefits of DIY lip scrubs, and who need to use it?

Overall, a DIY lip scrub is made from an exfoliating and moisturizing ingredient. Its main benefits are the fact that they remove dead skin cells, regenerate your lips, and hydrate from a cellular level. Thus, it is highly important to use qualitative ingredients for your DIY lip scrub.

Some of the benefits of applying a DIY lip scrub as celebs do are:

- Great lip glow and healthy-looking appearance

- A boost in lip shade color

- A healthier lip skin

And we do believe that a natural lip scrub should be part of every beauty care routine. This mixture can boost the growth of fresh skin cells, which will make your lips softer and smoother. So, exfoliating and cleansing your lips once per week can aid in retaining moisture and preventing cracks.

The bottom line

So, this is the best beauty hack you can receive from Hollywood celebs. Pampering your lips is a must if you aim to achieve a gorgeous look. Besides, frequent lip exfoliation can lead to makeup success, since everything will look perfect! We recommend you use only organic ingredients for your lip scrub recipe so that you feed your skin all the nutrients it needs to regenerate and plump your lips. AndLip Scrubs From Celebs!, yes! A DIY lip scrub can make your lips plumper and healthier!

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