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Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig Diet

If you heard about it and wonder what’s this all about, here is what you need to know about the Jenny Craig diet. First of all, it is mostly a weight-loss program said to be efficient due to the basic restrictions for calories, fat, and portion size. 

Recently, the Jenny Craig diet became one of the most popular commercial weight-loss plans. It is simple to follow, and it comes with motivational support from Jenny Craig herself. But, if you still have doubts about whether or not it will be useful for you, read on to find out all about the Jenny Craig diet. 

Jenny Craig Diet

What is the Jenny Craig program?

The Jenny Craig diet is similar to a package. It is a plan designed to offer you access to pre-packaged low-calorie meals, along with constant support from their staff and an exercise plan. The fantastic thing about this weight loss diet is that there are no forbidden foods, detox solutions, or menus packed with fancy foods. 

With this program, you will follow Jenny Craig’s weekly menus of 70 distinct meal ideas. Based on your height and weight, you will eat up to 1,200 calories daily. And there was done a particular scientific study that shows how Jenny Craig’s diet can aid people to lose up to 10% of their weight in the first 12 months of this diet plant.


What to eat with the Jenny Craig diet?

This diet is all about the pre-packaged meals of Jenny Craig. Besides those, you can eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Mainly, you can eat as many veggies as possible if those are rich in fiber and protein like tomatoes, broccoli or peppers. The philosophy behind the Jenny Craig Diet is that no food is entirely off-limits. 

So, to sum up, with this diet program, you will have to:

· Have three packaged Jenny Craig meals daily;

· Have a daily Jenny Craig snack or another healthy snack you prefer;

· Have up to five servings of fruits and legumes;

· Have one or two low-dairy servings

Jenny Craig Diet 

What foods to avoid with the Jenny Craig diet?

As said above, there are no limitations when it comes to the foods permitted with the Jenny Craig diet plan. The focus is on moderations and eating as balanced as possible. Of course, the diet plan suggests that bread intake should be minimum, while alcohol moderation is also a must.


Pros and Cons of the Jenny Craig diet

As it is the case with any weight loss diet, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Also, this diet might work wonders for some people, while for others might seem quite ineffective. Jenny Craig offers well-planned weight loss meals that have the following advantages:

· The diet is simple to follow;

· The servings are pre-portioned, making it easier to control calories intake;

· The meal plan has tasty dishes;

· It is a complete and balanced nutrition plan;

· This diet program comes with constant support and guidelines from Jenny Craig’s staff.

But there are some disadvantages worth taking into account, too. For instance, some meals need to be frozen, while others are based on processed foods. Also, this meal plan is not recommended for those that suffer from food allergies. The overall cost of the Jenny Craig diet might be quite expensive. 

 Jenny Craig Diet

Final thoughts

Well, the truth is that the Jenny Craig weight loss program is based on a balanced meal plan. It appears to be easy to follow, as you won’t have to cook too much. Yet the disadvantage might be that you will eat a lot of pre-packaged and pre-processed foods. Moreover, it is quite priceyJenny Craig Diet, and you will have to stick to this routine for at least 12 months to seem some results.


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