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Why Matcha Became So Popular

Why Matcha Became So Popular

No matter if you live in the USA, Japan, England, or any other country on this globe, you most likely had at least one cup of tea in your lifetime. And if you are interested in superfoods, you probably tried matcha tea, too. This natural, organic tea blend gained a lot of popularity because of its delightful taste and numerous health benefits. So, let’s see up next why matcha became so popular and what health benefits can offer to anyone that has one cup of this tea per day.

Why Matcha Became So Popular

First things first: What is matcha?

Nowadays, matcha tea is one of the most sought healthy beverages in the world. It is a finely milled green tea powder, an icon beverage for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies that started back in the 12th century. Overall, this tea type represents a processed form of green tea leaves that have been grounded in a smooth powder. This powder is sifted and whisked with hot water, proving a healthy drink for anyone that wants to shield their bodies with antioxidants.

Matcha leaves are harvested from several areas, yet the most qualitative matcha tea comes from Japan. More than half of the country focuses on growing and harvesting qualitative matcha leaves, while the most famous Japanese matcha tea regions include Uji, Nishio, Shizuoka, and Kyushu. And this tea blend stands out from other types of green tea due to the fact that matcha bushes are covered for 20 days before they can be harvested. This purpose is to protect the leaves from direct sun and to increase chlorophyll levels and the production of L-Theanine, the amino acid responsible for almost all health benefits that come from drinking matcha tea. 

Why Matcha Became So Popular

Why is matcha tea considered as one of the healthiest beverages nowadays?

And thanks to the unique harvesting method, matcha leaves preserve better their antioxidants and nutritional profile when compared with other tea blends. Studies show that drinking daily a cup of this tea can prevent several health issues. The main scientifically proven health benefits of matcha tea are:

1. This tea is rich in catechins, plant compounds in matcha leaves that have natural antioxidant effects. This aid warding off free radicals and shield the cells against damage. Besides, the powder mixed with hot water activates all the nutrients present in matcha tea leaves. The research discovered that matcha powder is more efficient in increasing antioxidant activity when compared with regular green tea.

2.  Matcha tea protects the liver and encourages it to flush out toxins. Also, a daily cup of this tea can aid in adequately absorbing nutrients.

3.  Scientists believe that matcha powder has a direct effect on brain functionality, as it can increase acuity and attention span. 

4.  Because this powder tea is rich in efficient antioxidants, it is considered to be an ally for those fighting or aiming to prevent cancer. Matcha is rich in epigallocatechin-3-gallate, a catechin known for its impressive ability to fight cancerous cells. 

5.  Matcha powder can protect heart health and decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, studies show that a cup of this tea drank daily can diminish bad cholesterol levels and promote healthier blood flow. 

6.  As it is the case with all green teas, matcha tea can be an ally for those looking to lose weight, too. Some researchers believe that this tea can increase the metabolic rate and the fat-burning process.

Why Matcha Became So Popular

So, how to prepare matcha tea to access all its health benefits?

Thus, as soon as matcha tea got the world’s attention with its benefits and interesting taste, many people tried to prepare this superfood at home. Still, to make the best matcha teacup, you need to follow some specific brewing instructions. 

The usucha technique is the staple of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. You can make matcha tea with this technique with boiling water, around 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour the water into a tiny bowl and whisk one teaspoon of matcha powder until it gains a thin consistency. 

The koicha technique offers a rich and stronger cup of matcha tea. For this, you need to double the amount of matcha powder and pour two tablespoons of the tea. Use the traditional bamboo whisk and mix the water with the tea until you achieve a thick blend. 

Why Matcha Became So Popular

This being said, it is quite apparent why matcha tea became so popular. It has a fulfilling and interesting taste, while its consistency differs a lot from the basic green teacup. And the best part about adding matcha tea in your diet is that it acts as a superfood. It promotes a relaxed feeling of alertnessWhy Matcha Became So Popular, which in turn enables your brain to assess and function better. 

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