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Is There Any Right Age Of Starting Yoga?

Yoga and age don't seem to be correlated to a large extent as age is number for yoga lovers. And with few modifications, you are never too old to learn and never too young to start yoga.

This is because right from the toddler to 90+, all can benefit from yoga. Whether you are a pregnant mum, elementary school student, teenager, in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, or seventies and beyond, different yoga asanas can be practiced as per your suitability, mobility, strength, and balance of your body.

According to the recent studies conducted, "Yoga can slow down and even reverse the harmful effects of accelerated aging and stress on the body and mind."

Yoga Benefits for Maintaining Physical and Mental Health

Yoga tends to render natural benefits to the body improving health and self-healing tendency. It contributes greatly toward building strength, awareness. Additionally, it brings in synchronization amongst body and mind.

To bring the benefits of yoga at the initial stage, it has been introduced in schools across the world. Yoga at an early age includes breathing, exercising, meditation, and right posture guiding sessions.

Yoga has been referred to as a great tool for staying healthy because it is based on improving your lifestyle and the environmental impact on your health rather than treating your health issues and symptoms.


Some Physical Benefits of Yoga Can Be Listed As Below:

- Increases flexibility

- Lessen chronic pain like arthritis, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headache

- Lowers blood pressure

- Reduce insomnia

- Increase muscle strength

- Reduces weight

-Balances metabolism

- Improves cardio and circulatory health

- Protect from injuries

- Improve respiration, energy, and vitality

Mental Benefits of Yoga

Besides physical benefits, there are various mental benefits that yoga renders and these play a crucial role in making it so popular across the world. Penning down some of the mental benefits from yoga:

- Manages stress

- Help in drug abuse treatment

- Improves sleep pattern

- Relaxes mind

- Reduces headaches

- Purport positive outlook on the life

- Increases meditation power

- Benefits breathing

- Ropes in mental clarity and calmness

- Increase body awareness

- Centers attention

- Sharpens concentration


Anyone Can Start Yoga

Whether you are a couch potato or a professional athlete, housewife or a working professional, student or white-collar job, any size and fitness level, there is no restriction on age for starting yoga because there is a modification for every yoga posture and the beginner's classes are available in every style.

Under the right guidance of a fully trained yoga trainer, you can explore your limits not for perfection but for being healthy and tuning your body with your inner self.

Last Liners

Because of body and self-awareness benefits from yoga, it contributes greatly towards the detection of many physical problems and calls for early preventive actions.

- A pregnant mum can benefit from yoga during her progressive pregnancy as well as preparing bodily for labor pains. The child in her womb will benefit from having a calm Zen mum.

- Toddlers with embedded breathing and staying calm skills will grow up with love for yoga.

- During stressful school life, yoga provides a perfect antidote, building and enhancing kids' social skills, confidence, empathy, and resilience.

- For the twenties and thirties age group, yoga helps develop self-meditation practicing to ease the stress of long working hours and work pressure.

- In the forties to fifties, muscle mass starts to decline. Yoga helps to build and maintain muscle strength and flexibility, reducing compression and pain.

- Once you start fitting the bracket of senior citizens (sixties and seventies and beyond)Yoga, yoga asanas in the gentler mode offer joint mobility and strength for day-to-day works.

What else could be so versatile than yoga!? Think again!

Author: Sunita

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