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Peek Into Disorder Called Addiction

Addiction has been derived from a Latin word related to 'enslaved to' or 'bound to'. It changes the brain state exerting a very powerful influence on it. Craving for the object addicted to, losing control over its usage and its continuous usage knowingly about its adverse effects are symptoms of addictions.

Science Explains

Scientists have justified addictions as a pleasure that the brain derives. In more recent researches, addictions play a role in learning and memory. The person tends to associate pleasure and reward to addictions.

Let's have a look into few most common addictions, check if you too have any:

1) Food Addictions

This is actually has been an eating disorder where a person can't stop feeling themselves around with various kinds of foodstuff.

There are various psychological and physical dangers of food addictions including:

· Obesity

· Diabetes

· Liver or kidney disease

· Heart disease

· Lethargy

· Panic attacks

· Social detachment

· Sleeping disorder


Check Out The Symptoms For Determining Food Addiction:

- Eating food more than physical tolerance of the body

- Eating without hunger

- Irritation on not getting food

- Eating uncontrollably

Sometimes people are addicted of eating healthy food only. This is known as 'Orthorexia' when they get obsessed and addicted to eating right and become unhealthy leading to malnutrition, stress, and a decrease in quality of life.

2) Exercising

Sometimes people become addicted to exercising to the point of harming their body. They get anxious, on getting a workout day missed. This is called behavioral addiction. This is a symptom among the individual who suffers from eating disorders and body image disorder.

3) Internet and Social Media Addiction

The Internet has become the most persuasive thing in the contemporary world. For some, it has become a disorder. The number of internet addicts has reached an alarming rate across the world. The wider concept of internet addiction includes other activities like social media, texting, online searching, online shopping, and online gaming addictions, too.


Check Yourself For Being Internet Addicted If You Have:

- Isolated yourself from friends and family in favor of internet

- Spend time more than intended on internet

- Feel miserable, frustrated or low when not able to surf

- Feel satisfied and sensation of euphoria receiving likes and good comments on your social posts

- Feels depressed on receiving criticism of your post or your posts going unnoticed by your family and friends

Various Issues Related To Internet Addiction Include:

· Lack of sleep

· Poor work and academic

· Socially detached

· Headache and vision loss

· And healthy weight gain

4) Collecting Books

This disorder/addiction relates to owning books rather than just reading them. This is commonly known as 'Bibliomania'. People with this addiction keep on stacking up several copies of the same book or collects every single book of their favorite author or publication house. In extreme cases, the person tends to fill even the smallest space left in their house with books.

For instance, Stephen Blumberg in Iowa, with his addiction to owning books, stole more than 23,600 books. The total cost of these books turned out to be $5.3 billion. He was nicknamed as the 'book bandit'.


5) Playing Video/Online Games

Gaming has been an addiction for decades and in various forms. Online gaming is new vogue. Even the World Health Organization has recognized excessive gaming sentiments as gaming disorder that needs real diagnosis.

People addicted to gaming make it their priority to the level that it tends to overtake their other interests and daily activities including work, schools, academic, social life and family obligations.

Games addict exhibits frequent irritation, frustration and misery symptoms. Their inability to focus on other engagement leads to consequences such as:

· Mood changes

· Social detachment

· Poor academic performance

· Poor work performance

· Sleep deprivation and a few other


Rounding Up

Addictions are classified as a medical condition and not a habit that needs treatment like other diseases or illnesses.

While there have been few challenging addictions like smoking, sex, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc that are hard to quit.

Addiction to shopping, gaming, piercing, sleeping, eating glass, bleaching hair, huffing gasoline, snuffing baby powderDisorder, eating glass have been amongst craziest ones across the world. 

Author: Sunita

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