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Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

There is a constant debate on whether or not there exists a healthy salt type. And, of course, many focuses on the differences between sea salt and regular salt. But did you know that sodium intake comes from numerous sources? For example, it can be found in milk, beets, or celery sticks. These are healthy salt sources that contribute to our wellbeing. But most people get additional dietary sodium intake from table salt. Indeed, sodium is great for adequate muscle and nerve function. But do you do when there is too much in your diet? Well, read on to find out which salt type to choose and how to consume it cautiously. 

What is salt?

Salt represents a crystalline mineral made of sodium and chlorine. These two are essential for our wellbeing since they promote brain and nerve health. But there is one major downside: used in large amounts, it can raise blood pressure and cause serious health problems.

Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

What are the main types of salt?

Refined Salt

Regular table salt is what specialists label as refined salt. It is highly refined so that most of the impurities and trace minerals are removed. The issue with this type of salt is that it usually comes with significant amounts of anti-caking agents. Besides, many brands of table salt come with iodine in their composition, which can lead to several health problems, including hypothyroidism. So, it is best to consume refined salt with caution.

Sea Salt

This is a common replacement for regular table salt, and most people use it because they think it is healthier. But this depends on its source. Sea salt is made by evaporating seawater, and it mostly consists of sodium chloride. Based on its origin, it can come with several trace minerals, such as iron, zinc, or potassium. Also, since it is coarser than refined salt, it can offer a different taste and flavor to your meals.

Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is mined in Pakistan, and it comes with trace amounts of iron oxide, responsible for its pink color. Also, it is believed to have several potential health benefits thanks to its rich content of iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Besides, it is lower in sodium than regular table salt. 

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is the one that follows the strict dietary requirements of traditional Jewish law. The main distinction between regular table salt and Kosher salt is the structure of the flakes. Kosher salt has an interesting texture and flavor, and it dissolves fast in food. The downside might be the fact that it features additives like iodine and anti-caking agents.

Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

Celtic Salt

Celtic salt is popular in France, and it has a grey color. It stands out due to its small water content, which makes it moist. Also, this type of salt comes with trace amounts of minerals, and it is lower in sodium than regular table salt.

So, which salt is the healthiest?

As for today, no exact study is done on salt types to determine which is the healthiest. Still, if we look at their composition and benefits, we would discover that most salts consist of sodium and trace amounts of minerals. Nevertheless, specialists agree that the healthiest salt you can add to your meals is the one that gets fewer chemical processes. Some people say that the healthiest salt you can have is the Himalayan pink salt. But we recommend you search for a product that doesn’t feature anti-caking agents and additives. 

Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

Why shouldn’t you consume too much salt?

There are quite a few health risks associated with increased salt intake. Salt can lead to:

- High blood pressure

- Heart disease

- Stroke

- Heart attack

So, specialists say that when people reduce the amount of sodium in their diet, they decrease the risk of developing heart problems and high blood pressure. Also, experts advise caution when consuming pre-processed foods, as those come with additives and increased amounts of salt meant to prevent clumping. Some of these compounds you should avoid include:

- potassium ferrocyanide

- calcium silicate

- silicon dioxide

- yellow prussiate of soda

- iron ammonium citrate

Which Is The Healthiest Salt?

What is the daily recommended intake of salt?

Experts say we should have less than 1,500mg of salt per day. Also, if there is a medical issue going on, it is best to keep it even lower. But before you make a decision, it is best to ask for medical advice. Your doctor is the only one who can suggest the recommended amount of salt you should have daily.

The bottom line

In the end, a salt can be healthier if it contains the only salt. Additives and anti-caking agents are the ones who lead to potential health problems. And, of course, consuming salt with caution is key to keeping up our health. So, make sure you don’t add too much salt to your mealsWhich Is The Healthiest Salt?, no matter the type of salt you opt for. 

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