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Veggies With Low Carbs

Veggies with Low Carbs But High Nutrition

Veggies are great ingredients to be added in your daily diet, not only to consume a low carb diet as these are rich in vitamins and minerals but also for some other important nutrients. Vegetables are also helpful in maintaining the water content in your body. They are ideal in all the aspects; whether you are on diet or not.

Veggies With Low Carbs

Eating Vegetables - A Great Idea Forever

Lending a lot of veggies in your dish not only enhances its flavor and color/appearance but also adds great nutritional value. Nutritionists always recommend adding at least 150grams of vegetable carbs per day. It increases the water content in the body, adds roughage and helps to build a strong immune system for fighting viral/ communicable diseases.

Whether you like it raw or boiled, vegetables are a great source for a healthy heart and mind.

Here is the list of some veggies that can be used to prepare a lot of different delightful kitchen recipes. The most versatile feature of these vegetables is that they can be used in many ways to prepare salads, soups, barbeques, sandwiches and a lot more.

Veggies With Low Carbs

1. Cucumber

Cucumber is counted as an all-season vegetable.

· This vegetable is super crisp, crunchy and high in water content.

· It is easily available in the local and nearby markets

· People can enjoy it in two different types: cucumber pickle or sliced cucumber.

· These cucumbers are very nutritious and also add a lot of crunch and crispness to any dish.

· They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and characteristics.

·  It is a great vegetable that can be consumed in summer in a large quantity because it is a thirst quencher.

· The cucumber carbs are way too less than your imagination because 1 cup of cucumber contains only 8 carbs which is very low and also a good choice for adding low carbohydrate food items.

· It is full of protein, and vitamin k.

· It can also be used to make different skincare products for rejuvenating skin cells.

Veggies With Low Carbs

2. Lettuce

One of the most amazing green leaves, lettuce is counted as one of the lowest-carbs vegetables too.

· The carbs in lettuce are only 2 grams. Also, it is a good source of sorting vitamins like vitamins A, C, and K and fibers.

· Lettuce leaves are rich in folate that helps in decreasing the level of homocysteine (chemical that helps on the reduction of heart diseases.

· By any means include lettuce in dishes that are served at your tables as they great way to serve nutrition to your family and friends.

· Lettuce can be used raw for preparing salads, taco and sandwiches or burgers. Or it can be boiled, or sauté for preparing kinds of pasta, noodles and other recipes.

Veggies With Low Carbs

3. Corn

Corns are available in varieties of different sizes and shapes. These are a very good source of adding dietary fiber to your eating routines.

 The carbs in corn are three times more than in any other starchy vegetables on the list.

These carbohydrates are provided in the form of natural sugars and complex starches.

 Corn’s yellows seeds are great and helpful in keeping your bodily system regular and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Average or the medium size corn kernels contain about 25 grams of total carbohydrates.

P.S: Consuming excess of corn can also be harmful. SoVeggies With Low Carbs, keep track of the other carbs you consume during the day.

Veggies With Low Carbs

Words of Advice

Consuming about 130 grams of carbohydrates by both men and women is beneficial in sustaining their muscles and organs, especially your brain.

Consume beneficial carbs as they provide fuel for the central nervous system and energy for working muscles. 

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