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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation: How To Fight Against Skin Aging

We live in the times of the longest life longevity ever. With continuous progress of modern medicine and lifestyle adjustments we can implement, it’s everything but shocking to make it to 100 years old or more. While our lifespan is what surely has changed, our bodies and how they work have not - it also applies to our skin; it is not accustomed to be glowing and youthful on its own for this long. Nonetheless, there are ways that can maximally postpone the skin aging process. What’s an important tip at the beginning, it’s never too late to get started! In this case, the earlier begun, the better.

Why does the skin age?

Our skin is made of three basic layers - the protective outer epidermis, the dermis filled with connective tissue and the subcutaneous tissue consisted mainly of fat. Each of these layers have their characteristic building blocks: for example, the dermis contains plentiful of collagen and elastin fibers which keep the skin firm, smooth and elastic. What’s an another proven fact is that with age, all of our body functions slow down and get impaired; same happens in the skin - the collagen production is not as effective, the skin’s lipid barrier is not as strong. Furthermore, melanocytes in the epidermis are stimulated more frequently in response to more susceptible and delicate skin - hyperpigmentation may occur.

Another greatly contributing factor is elevated oxidative stress - the so - called free radicals that everybody seem to talk about. Yes, it is indeed crucial to eradicate them effectively. They affect all the building blocks of the skin and by oxidizing them, they destroy their structure.

What to target first?

Out of all the causes of skin aging, free radicals are the most deleterious one thus first to fight against. We cannot completely stop our skin structures from being oxidized, we can greatly reduce the extent of it though.

What antioxidants do I choose?

When we get to a store, it can get bewildering and confusing. Here we come to the rescue!

- Vitamin E is so far described as the most potent known antioxidant. At the same time it is very rarely alone in anti - aging formulas; look for something more concetrated where tocopherol (another name for vitamin E) is a fortifier.

- Immortelle extract is of comparable potency with vitamin E while there are studies which even claim that it’s stronger. Wherever the truth lies, we know it is extremely effective!

- Other plant polyphenols and flavonoids; they are pigments which give plant structures their vivid colours. Search for diverse flowers like daisies, berries, green tea or herbs like rosemary.

- Vitamin C; it’s also a great skin brightener all due to its significant antioxidant properties. It will prevent hyperpigmentation too.

Any other ingredients that I should look for?

Except for keeping oxidative stress low, there are more things to take care of. Look for:

- Stem cells; there’s now plethora of products with them. They truly rejuvenate the skin as they promote healthy skin cells growth. They will give you that youthful look.

- Shea butter; the weakened lipid barrier should also be tackled. We should strengthen it as much as possible. Shea butter is truly a holy grail here; it is considered the most soothing butter ever, itself it’s packed with tocopherol, it’s not comedogenic and its lipid profile is equally perfect for our natural skin lipids.

- Minerals and other vitamins, for example also from fruits; they will give your skin that extra kick.


What’s equally important and imperative: use your sunscreen!

Sun rays are something we are exposed to everyday no matter the season, the temperature or the weather. They always still manage to penetrate our skin layers, acting detrimentally like free radicals. Apply your sunscreen all year round, the best would be 50 SPF for both UVB and UVA.

How do I stimulate collagen production?

The best way is to load both your products and your diet with vitamin C. It is naturally involved in collagen synthesis pathway. Another potent ingredients are ginseng and rosemary.

Can I do anything else?

Drink plenty of water so that the skin is properly hydrated, don’t smoke and eat healthySkin Rejuvenation, wholesome foods. Exercise and face massages are also a great way to stimulate facial blood flow and hence its nourishment.

How long should I wait before I start?

Don’t wait. Start now from where you are. It is always better to prevent than to treat. An antioxidant serum + high SPF sunscreen + hydration since the earliest years will really be fruitful.

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