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Do You Know Why You Need To Wear Sunglasses?

Admit it! When you think about sunglasses, you see them as the fanciest accessory you can get with your outfit! But did you know that there are plenty of eye benefits you can receive by wearing sunglasses each time you go out in the sun? Well, if this topic interests you, keep reading. We shared our insights on sunglasses' benefits for vision and eye health.


Why wear sunglasses?

Doctors say that you should always wear sunglasses during daylight hours since:

- They shield the eyes against UV damage

- They protect the eyes against the blue light spectrum

- They make it easier to adapt to darkness

How to shop for the best sunglasses for eye health

There are several factors you need to consider when purchasing a new pair of sunglasses:

- They need to offer 100 percent UV protection, to prevent eye damage

- They need to have a wraparound style to decrease UV exposure

- They need polarization to diminish glare and be more comfortable


Top reasons why you should wear sunglasses besides their fancy appearance

Skin cancer protection

The main reason why you should wear sunglasses is that it prevents skin cancer around your eyes. In case you didn't know already, even your eyelids can develop cancer forms. So, wearing UV-protective shades can boost eye and skin health.


Glaucoma and cataract protection

Another benefit of sunglasses is that it prevents both glaucoma and cataracts. Prolonged exposure to UV rays contributes to these conditions, and they might worsen their symptoms. Not wearing sunglasses can result in blindness. 

Macular degeneration

This fancy syntagma stands for retina damage. And our retinas can deteriorate and lead to impaired vision because of sun exposure. Several UV radiation types have the power to speed up this process. Hence, another reason why you should always wear sunglasses is that it prevents macular degeneration and vision problems.

Elements protection

You should know that the sun is not the only one that can harm your vision. Going outdoors exposes your eyes to damage from snow, sand, dust, and wind. And you might be surprised to discover that snow can be very damaging to your eyes. It reflects up to 80% of UV rays, which can lead to snow blindness. This is a condition in which the glare of the sun burns the cornea. Moreover, sand is another dangerous element you should be cautious about. These tiny grains can scratch your eye and lead to permanent damage. Hence, wearing sunglasses no matter the season and your destination is more than necessary to preserve and keep up eye health. 


Heals the eyes

Anyone who's had surgery to correct vision should be extra cautious about sun exposure. This is why doctors recommend wearing a pair of sunglasses immediately after the procedure. It promotes healing and recovery. But besides this, you'll also benefit from wearing sunglasses if you didn't have surgery. These can help restore vision if used with prescription lenses.

Clearer vision

Did you know that sunglasses allow you to admire the exterior with little to no effort? Well, they are important for your health since you'll be able to see more and enjoy the time spent outside with little to no hassle. 

Fewer migraines

Sunlight can promote the appearance of chronic headaches and migraines. So, wearing sunglasses can decrease the risk and frequency of these issues. Besides, wearing sunglasses diminishes eyestrain, and fatigue, which will make you more comfortable.


Fewer wrinkles

If you spend time in the sun without sunglasses, you will be inclined to squint. And this results in wrinkles around your eyes. So, if you want an anti-aging ally, you should start wearing your sunglasses. 

The bottom line

Well, even though sunglasses were perceived for several years as the best fashion accessory, there is more about it! These are the main reasons why you should wear your sunglasses each time you go outdoors. And, of course, you'll look great while protecting yourself since there are plenty of styles available. Keep in mind that if you already have vision problemsSunglasses, it is always best to ask for medical advice. Your doctor is the only one who can recommend the best prescription glasses and sunglasses for your condition. But never forget that sunglasses are your ally in protecting your vision and having fun outdoors!

Author: Anna

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