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How to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables

How To Encourage Children To Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Being a parent is a wonderful experience. But at the same time, you might feel stressed out when it comes to your kid's nutrition. Maybe your child doesn't fancy legumes. Or perhaps he avoids fruits at all costs. And since nutrition is key to proper development in children, we took the time to ask experts about how to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables. So, read on to discover some expert tips on how to create the best meal plan for your little one!

How to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables 

Why is the nutrition key in child development?

Here's a quick reminder: eating vegetables and fruits is important for children. These offer your kid energy, anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins, and water. Also, fruits and vegetables protect your kid against diseases later in like. So, having a healthy meal plan is more than necessary to prevent health issues in the feature. The following tips might help you encourage your child to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Pro tips to help you kid eat more fruits and vegetables

1. Be a role model and eat plenty of nutritious foods

The first thing you need to do is set a good example. Children tend to imitate their parents, so the best way to make them eat their veggies is by enjoying them yourself. Also, creating a family meal routine can help you teach your kids the best healthy eating practices. Experts say it might be a good idea to take your children to a local farmers market to discover where food comes from. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity for them to choose what to buy and help you prepare the meal. 

How to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables

2. Be persistent

It is normal for children to refuse new foods, especially when it comes to fruits and legumes. So, if your kid says he doesn't like a specific new vegetable, you should keep offering it to him at mealtimes. Encouraging your kid to taste it again might help him accept it in his meal.

3. Be cheerful

Praising your child each time he eats vegetables, will make him more inkling to eat legumes again. But avoid making praise the center of the meal. Also, you should avoid saying things like 'If you eat your legumes, you can have some chocolate for dessert.' This can only make your kid more interested in treats than in healthy eating. 

4. Be proactive

Well, encouraging your kids to cook meals with you can make them fancy vegetables. Let your child choose the vegetables for dinner when you're purchasing them. Also, let them suggest ow to arrange the plate and how they would like to eat them.

How to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables

6. Be creative

It doesn't necessarily mean that you need to feed your kids' legumes and fruits as part of daily meals. You can use those as healthy snacks throughout the day. Also, limiting unhealthy snacks in your home will encourage your children to consider a healthy snack instead. It is best to have ready a container with chopped vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes. 

7. Consider smoothies

If you feel like there is no way to help your kids start enjoying vegetables, you might use this tip. Try serving smoothies, in which you mix milk or yogurt with fruits and vegetables. But make sure you don't make a rule of this. Gradually change the routine from smoothies to actual chopped fruits and legumes. 

8. Slice the fruits

Did you know that most children hate biting from an apple? Well, to avoid such issues, you can simply create a plate of snacks with chopped fruits and vegetables. It will make eating simpler, and it will encourage your kids to have their healthy foods.

How to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables

9. Share some insights about the benefits

If your kids are old enough, you can discuss with them the advantages of eating fruits and vegetables. Focus on the energy they will receive and their health. Kids fear visits to the doctor's office, so this tip might help you a lot.

10. Consider gardening

If your household has a garden, you should make the best of it. Consider growing your legumes and involve your kids in the process. The joy of picking up legumes and fruits from their own garden will make kids happy to try them.

The bottom line

Encouraging children to eat more fruits and vegetables is a challenging task. But with a bit of attention to detailHow to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables, you can reach your goal. Just make sure you use the ten tips listed above!

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