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How to Avoid Canned Foods

Canning represents a way of preserving foods for extended periods by packing them in airtight containers. This technique firstly appeared back in the 18th century, and it was a manner to offer good food sources for soldiers at war. It involves three main steps: processing, sealing, and heating. It is believed that this process permits the food to be edible for up to 5 years.

Anyhow, recent studies conducted by health specialists and cancer experts discovered that several canned foods feature a dangerous amount of Bisphenol A or BPA. The studies reveal that regular consumption of canned foods can expose us to hazardous chemicals that trigger several types of cancer. Also, canned foods can lead to infertility, type-2 diabetes, obesity, or even brain-related problems. 

Thus, the question that remains unanswered is how to avoid canned foods and protect your health against harmful compounds. Up next, you will find the leading solutions offered by several medical practitioners and nutritionists. 


#1 Choose alternative packaging solutions

Several canned foods can be found in alternative packaging solutions. One of the most popular is the glass. It is safe, reusable, and you can recycle it easily. Many foods distributed in glass containers include olive oil or canned fruits

Always keep in mind that acidic products, such as tomatoes, can get easily contaminated by BPA prone package. So, to avoid such poisoning to your foods, it is best to opt for acidic foods stored in glass containers. 

Of course, several foods come in BPA-Free cans, which prevents the transfer of the chemicals in the foods stored inside. The natural grocery aisle at your local store should have such BPA-free canned products. Keep an eye on the label and read all the product’s characteristics. Some manufacturers hide quite well the chemical composition of packages or food itself.

#2 Consider switching to frozen foods

To avoid canned foods, you can always opt for frozen foods. Pineapple, corn, peaches, green beans, or any other type of vegetables are available in the frozen version. But it is best to seek the organic source, just so to be safe from any chemical contamination that might occur during frosting.


#3 Cook your meals from scratch

Indeed, the world we live in frequently stresses the beauty of using pre-prepared foods. And we enjoy indulging in such a meal that is fast to fix. But the truth is that to the best way to avoid canned foods, and their potential health threat is to start cooking our meals.

Start by buying fresh vegetables and cook from scratch. You can mix and match almost anything you can think of, while you can even cook in larger quantities. You can store the extra food in the fridge and consume it during the week. So, before you say you don’t always have time to cook, let us stop you there. Allow a couple of hours at the end of the week to create some meals for the coming week. Store them in the fridge, and take them out when you need a fast fixing meal.

The benefits of cooking your meals from scratch include excellent mineral and nutrients intake, along with less exposure to carbohydrates and harmful fats. 


What canned foods you should avoid at all costs?


#1 Canned fruit cocktail

Canned fruits come with a higher content of sugar, and can even make us addicted to it. Hence, the next time you want to make a fruit salad, it is best to buy fresh fruits and mix them by yourself. You will be safe from high-fructose intake, while you will receive additional health benefits, such as high vitamin intake.


#2 Canned baked beans

We tend to use canned beans as a fast and reliable way to cook a meal. But did you know that canned baked beans come with an impressive 50 grams of sugar per can? Well, it also has a high-calorie intake, depending on the brand you purchase. To avoid such health risks, it is best to boil and cook your own beans. 


#3 Canned cream soup

Usually, canned cream soups have a high content of fats and sodium. Moreover, the typical calorie content for only one can go up to 400 calories. To prevent so much sodium intake, you can boil the vegetables and blend them with your mixer. To achieve the creamy texture, you can use a couple of spoons of natural sour cream.


But, of course, no matter what type of food you buy, storage is vital. Mostly, if you opt for foods stored in glass containers, it is best to keep them in a cool, dry place, out of the sun rays. Moreover, it is best to consume those foods prior to their expiration date. And you should always check for package damagecanned foods, which will prevent the container from being airtight. 


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