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Ten benefits of doing regular Pilates exercises

We all heard about Pilates. It is a type of workout routine meant to strengthen the body with a focus on core strength. This aids in bettering general fitness abilities, similar to yoga. It concentrates on posture, balance, and flexibility. And the best part about it is that it is one of the few workout routines with little to no chance of injury.

But did you know that Pilates is more than that? Studies show that doing this exercise regularly can strengthen the mind-body connection. Also, Pilates has several beneficial effects on the body that are worth taking into account. If you are interested in joining a Pilates class, read on to discover the top benefits of this type of exercise. You will be amazed by how good it can be for both your physical and mental status.


#1 It boosts bone density

An interesting benefit of Pilates is that it provides impressive bone-building benefits. Pilates has a series of resistance exercises which make the muscles pull on the bone to achieve tension. This tension fortifies bones and improves their ability to support our body’s mass.

#2 It burns calories

Indeed, this isn’t a demanding workout routine as it is the case with running or cardio exercises. Still, a Pilates class can aid you to burn up to 8 calories per minute, depending on the difficulty of the routine you perform.


#3 It is excellent for lessening back pain

A notable health benefit of Pilates is that it can aid back pain sufferers. This exercise routine strengthens the core, which in turn supports the back and provides proper alignment. This diminishes discomfort, tension, and lower back pain.  

#4 It can prevent injuries

Pilates boosts flexibility and betters balance, which can diminish the chances of getting injured. Besides, better strength leads to better control of movement. Pilates is great for building body awareness, which will make you more conscious about your moves, and will diminish the stress on joints, tendons, or ligaments. 

#5 It boosts flexibility

And, as you might expect, Pilates is the number one choice of exercise for those seeking to increase their flexibility. A session of Pilates includes moves for the spine to flex and extend, along with internal to external rotation and side bending. With this variety of movements, flexibility is increased, and injury risk is decreased. 


#6 It betters posture

The main advantage that draws many people to Pilates is that it improves posture. And it can do that by merely strengthening weak muscles around your back. Also, it aids you to regain balance, which will make it easier to adopt a good body posture. 

#7 It diminishes stress

As mentioned above, Pilates has numerous benefits, especially for our mental wellbeing. One of them is the ability to reduce stress and allow an individual to feel relaxed. Mainly, during a Pilates class, one learns how to connect breath to movement, which has a direct impact on the central nervous system and promotes calmness.  


#8 It improves sleep quality

Many of those who have insomnia or poor sleep quality admit that after enrolling in a Pilates class, their sleep quality improved. Relieving tension and strengthening the core might be the principal elements that make sleep better.

#9 It promotes a positive feeling

This type of exercise is mentally engaging, which leaves one with a wonderful feeling. This rewarding feeling can have a significant impact on mood and mental status. And this is the main reason why psychologists and psychiatrists recommend Pilates as a great addition to a daily routine for those predisposed to anxiety or depression. 

#10 It might be great as a physical therapy adjuvant

Recent studies discovered that Pilates could be an efficient physical therapy option. It might aid patients suffering from injuries or illnesses like chronic neck and back pain, hip replacement, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or scoliosis. Besides, it is frequently recommended amongst athletes, dancers, or any other sports professionals that experience an injury. Pilates is a low-impact routine that can be designed to tackle specific areas of the body, which is why it might be beneficial as a physical therapy adjuvant. 


So, with these ten benefits of doing regular Pilates exercisespilates, you are ready to start your journey. This workout routine is the perfect solution for those that want to start with an easy to grasp exercise that will strengthen their body and allow the safe practice of more demanding routines.

Author: Anna

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