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Skin Boosting

Skin Boosting

Whether we are twenty, thirty or fifty, no matter what our concerns are, there is always a great time to boost your skin and give it some extra glow. It does not have to be anything spectacular - looking, small gestures are indeed of underestimated value as well as much easier to incorporate into an everyday life. Hereunder, we present you some convenient but also effective ways to boost your skin.


There is nothing more efficacious when it comes to making the skin instantly brighter than removing the layer of accumulated dead cells from the skin surface - they make the skin look duller, grayer hence also more tired. Another plus of this procedure is that it is applicable to all skin types - everybody should exfoliate from time to time and the today market offers products suitable for every person.

Skin Boosting

When choosing a peeling, there is a general rule that’s relevant in every case though - always go for chemical peels, never buy a mechanical one! The latter is ideal for the skin on the rest of the body where it is more layered and tougher. In regard to the face, a chemical peel is the one to choose - it is gentler yet still penetrates the skin cells better. Some of the most effective exfoliating ingredients you can find are:

•  retinoids - dermatologists swear by them; they shorten the skin cells’ turnover (the time a cell needs to fully grow and mature), excellently getting rid of blackheads, clogged pores and papules; upon applying, it may cause some burning but it is the sign that the product is working

•  AHA and BHA acids; they are gentle weak acids which are always a great addition to an oily skin routine but also stand out among the cosmetics for dryer skin.

Vitamin C!

What will give the skin extra glow after exfoliation is surely some brigthening ingredients - the best one among them is definitively vitamin C. When it comes to lightening substances, the cells are most responsive to vitamins.

Vitamin C, because of its potent antioxidant activity, blocks the synthesis of melanin - the pigment giving colour to the skin. Via this action, less melanin is produced what leaves the skin brighter and healthier - looking. Furthermore, it is a great way to battle hyperpigmentation due to various reasons - sun damage, age spots, hormonal imbalance or broken blood vessels. Look for concentrated (around 21%) vitamin C serums with the shortest ingredient list possible - the less components the better!

Skin Boosting


The ingredients everybody will benefit from are without doubt antioxidants. Each one of us is exposed to detrimental free radicals everyday - whether they come from the sun rays or air pollutants.

Free radicals are substances which bind to macromolecules that give the skin its structure like proteins, lipids and DNA. From there, they destroy them so they are not functional anymore. This process propels skin aging as among the lost compounds collagen and elastin can be found. The solution here is antioxidants which, profesionally speaking, scavenge those deleterious particles.

Skin Boosting

Look for a concentrated antioxidant serum - we guarantee that a good one will give your skin an instant boost just overnight. The best antioxidants are:

•  vitamin E (tocopherol); it is considered the most potent antioxidant known so far

•  immortelle; it is of comparable potency with vitamin E; some laboratories have proven though that it is even stronger

•  flavonoids and polyphenols found in natural plant pigments; they won’t be particularly listed in the ingredient lists - look for berriesSkin Boosting, daisy etc. extracts.

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