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ketoconazole Shampoo: Say Good Bye To Fungal Infections!

Ketoconazole Shampoo: Say Good Bye To Fungal Infections!

Ketoconazole shampoo is a medicated shampoo manufacture to treat fungal infections that affect the area on and around the scalp.

This red-orange liquid contains ketoconazole which is a synthetic antifungal agent. This shampoo is useful for treating conditions like stubborn dandruff, psoriasis, etc. You may buy ketoconazole shampoos available both over the counter (OTC) and by prescription from your doctor.    

Medical Approved Ketoconazole

The food and drug administration (FDA) approved ketoconazole is available in the form of a 2% solution which helps treat scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and tinea versicolor, non-contagious fungal infection of the skin.

Ketoconazole 1% or 2% solution is available in the form of over-the-counter and prescription medicine form. It is always advisable to seek 'advice before using this shampoo because it is advisable only under the condition of fungal infection on the scalp.

How Does Ketoconazole Work?

In most cases, the person has to work up lather with this ketoconazole 2% shampoo and apply it directly on hair. Make sure it reaches the scalp. Leave the shampoo on the scalp for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly with water. It is recommended for people aged above 12 years, 3 to 4 days for up to 8 weeks. It is recommended if a person needs to control dandruff.

Ketoconazole treats dandruff by reducing fungus and inflammation effects. It is a common treatment for psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease-causing skin flaking, skin plaques, and redness.

Ketoconazole shampoo helps treat tinea capitis, a superficial, ringworm-like fungus infection affecting the scalp and tinea versicolor, a skin infection caused by an overgrowth of a type of yeast living naturally on your skin.

ketoconazole may be able to improve hair re-growth.

Precautions Needed While Using Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo

In case the user is allergic to the active ingredient, ketoconazole, its shampoo should be used.

Ketoconazole 2% shampoo usage should be recommended by your doctor. Follow the instruction before using the shampoo or the cream.

If this shampoo is swallowed, it can cause harm. So, make sure to keep it out of reach of children.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, read about the risk and the benefits of this ketoconazole shampoo to avoid any future harm to you and the baby.

Some people experience an allergic reaction using ketoconazole cream 2%. In case of a severe reaction, seek medical attention.

How often and how long the shampoo has to be used depends on various factors like strength of the shampoo (either 1 percent for OTC or 2 percent for prescription medication), condition and severity of your scalp issue, etc.

Side Effects of Ketoconazole Shampoo

Ketoconazole shampoo is known to have limited side effects that include:-

- Itching

- Burning sensation

- Hives

- Dry skin

- Alopecia

- Swelling

- Rash

- Irritated skin

- Hypersensitivity

- Change in hair color and texture

- Hair loss

If a person experiences severe allergy reactions using ketoconazole, it is known as anaphylaxis, a medical condition that requires emergency help.

Some Symptoms of Anaphylaxis Include:

- Tight chest

- Hives

- Diarrhea

- Difficulty swallowing

- A feeling of impending doom

- Hoarse voice

- Passing out

- Wheezing

- Storing ketoconazole shampoo

These Are The Precautions That Should Be Followed While Using Ketoconazole Shampoo:

·  Store at room temperature. Do not freeze or refrigerate

·  Protect from the direct light exposure

·  Store in a dry place. Do not keep it in your bathroom.

·  Keep it out of reach of children and pets

·  Throw away unused or expired drug. Do not flush it in the toilet or pour it in the drain.

Most of the over-the-counter ketoconazole shampoo contains 1% or less of ketoconazole. The most commonly known brand of ketoconazole shampoo is Nizoral. And its products are available easily in supermarkets and online.

Brands That for A Shampoo With 2% Or More Ketoconazole Includes Name Like:

·   Ket Med

·   Ketozal

·   Ketozolin

So, if you are facing trouble with fungal infection on your scalpketoconazole Shampoo: Say Good Bye To Fungal Infections!, get this handy remedy home and you are good to flaunt your beautiful hair around. 

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