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Coffee Makes Me Tired?

Coffee Makes Me Tired?

Caffeine, the main component of coffee, is a stimulant responsible for increasing consciousness and boosting energy levels. It has been proved that caffeine doesn't affect the consciousness level. But, when it is consumed through coffee beverage it becomes complex and has multiple effects including tiredness, occasionally.       

Coffee Makes Me Tired?

Why Drinking Coffee All Day Couldn't Help You Keep Awaken For Long?

You may be wondering that you consumed various cups of the cafe in a day. And yet you face trouble keeping your eyes open. A thought would strike for sure that, coffee makes me sleepy.

The reason behind this phenomenon is:

Adenosine Makes You Feel Sleepy When The Caffeine Effect Fades Away.

Adenosine present in coffee causes tiredness if it is not received by your brain. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in your brain. This prevents the brain from receiving adenosine, although your body is producing this neurotransmitter. And once the effect of caffeine fades away from your body (within 45 minutes of consuming caffeine, 99% of its effects start wearing off), the stored adenosine comes into action and make you feel sleepy and tired.

However, the general notion you have is that coffee is responsible for drowsiness.

Coffee Makes Me Tired?

Increase in the Blood Sugar

According to a meta-analysis conducted in 2016, caffeine is responsible for the increase in blood sugar levels. It temporally reduces insulin sensitivity. So, this has been suggested that caffeine and not coffee itself are responsible for having an impact on glucose metabolism, giving rise to blood sugar level.

Certainly, people with high blood sugar, after consumption of coffee, usually experience symptoms like headache, tiredness, weariness, difficulty in concentration, frequent urination, and increased thirst. Once the blood sugar level returns to normal, the body becomes stable. But we pursue the feel that Caffeine makes me tired.

Moreover, if you are consuming sweet coffee, you will experience Sugar crush soon after finishing your mug.

Sugar is processed much quicker than the coffee itself. And it leaves you without any energy once the body has processed the sugar content.

So, if you are consuming little sugar with your coffee soon after your dinner, very probably you will fall asleep after eating your meal. To feel energetic after caffeine consumption, make sure it is black coffee. Or, you will experience a sugar rush and crush, rather than a caffeine boost.

Coffee Makes Me Tired?

Feeling Dehydrated After Coffee Consumption?

Feeling sleepy after having enjoyed your coffee can be explained as primarily due to dehydration caused in body. 

Coffee is a diuretic. In other words, it causes an urge to pee. When we consume coffee to stay awake, we enter the vicious cycle of dehydration that causes tiredness (peeing causing water loss, which in turn means thicker blood and lesser oxygen to the body parts. Less oxygen in the body is responsible for tiredness). Body dehydrates and you feel an urge to sleep.

Drinking coffee is not the same as hydrating the body.

Additionally, coffee is a vasoconstrictor. It narrows down the arteries and veins. This narrowing makes it difficult for thick blood to flow to various parts. And, the coffee consumer starts feeling sleepy.

Coffee Makes Me Tired?

Caffeine Effect on the Sleep

If you are dubious why am I so sleepy after having my coffee, the reason could be that the overall effect of caffeine can last throughout the day as it gets stored in the body. Although the apparent effects may wear off soon. Caffeine may lead to sleepiness but with lesser quality and disturbed sleep patterns. This depends upon the consumer sensitivity and the quantity of consumption of caffeine. For instance, most adults can consume 200 – 300 milligrams of caffeine per day. But if this amount exceedsCoffee Makes Me Tired?, it leads to sleep issues.

To Conclude

Caffeine in coffee is a helpful stimulant but excessive consumption of the same can lead to sleep disorders.

Author: Chloe

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