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Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt: The Healthiest Diary You Will Ever Eat!

Did you know that the first time Greek yogurt got attention from consumers was only a decade ago? Well, since that moment on, we’ve started to see on market shelves several varieties promoted as Greek yogurt. And many people prefer this due to its high protein and low level of carbohydrates. Overall, nutritionists agree this is one of the healthiest yogurts you can find today, being both affordable and extremely beneficial for your health. If you are looking forward to discovering interesting facts about Greek yogurt, this article is for you. Let’s see up next what are the benefits of this variety and whether or not is there a downside of consuming Greek yogurt.

 Greek Yogurt

What is Greek yogurt?

So, let’s clarify an important fact about Greek Yogurt. Not all diaries advertised as Greek yogurt are made in Greece. In fact, the original Mediterranean yogurt produced in Greece is called straggisto. Several countries started to produce what we know today as Greek yogurt, and they follow the nutritional content and consistency accordingly. 

Overall, when compared with standard yogurt, Greek yogurt is thicker, creamier, and a lot smoother. This happens thanks to the special process of removing the whey. Whey represents a watery component in milk, which is removed so that the yogurt gains its dense consistency. Keep in mind that several brands don’t use this traditional process for their Greek yogurt varieties. Instead, they add a thickening agent like gelatine to mimic the creamy texture. Hence, if you want to access all the benefits of Greek yogurt, you should avoid counterfeit products. Always read the label and look for Greek yogurt varieties that don’t have any chemicals included to gain the aspect of the original Greek yogurt. 

Greek Yogurt 

What are the health benefits of Greek Yogurt?

So, authentic Greek yogurt is rich in calcium, protein, iodine, vitamin B 12, and probiotics. And due to this nutritional content, it can offer the following health benefits.

1. It supports bone health

Studies show that Greek yogurt has some interesting content of both calcium and protein, which can support bone health. Also, it is believed that regular intake of calcium-rich diaries can prevent osteoporosis or degenerative bone disease.

2. It can keep cravings at bay

Another compelling health benefit of Greek yogurt is that it can decrease appetite and hunger. This happens due to the protein found in it, which can make one feel fuller for a more extended period. A small study discovered that daily intake of a high protein meal could make people consume fewer calories.

3. It can speed up your metabolic rate

Including Greek yogurt in a healthy meal plan can help your body speed up your metabolic rate. Keep in mind that this yogurt by itself cannot influence your metabolism, but if you combine it with other nutritious foods can help you balance your metabolism. Greek yogurt is essential for any healthy meal plan as it comes with a high content of protein, fibrous carbs, and healthy fats.

4. It can better gut health

And since Greek yogurt comes with a high probiotics content, it is an ally for keeping up the health of your gut. Several studies show that the good bacteria in this yogurt can restore the bacterial balance in your gut. Keep in mind that some people might not benefit from such effects, due to their guts being resistant to probiotics. 

5. It can support mental health

Even though it might seem odd, the daily intake of Greek yogurt might benefit your mental health. And this might happen due to the connection between the gut and the brain. Scientists believe that the content of this yogurt might make neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine to function at an improved rate. As a result, many people experience less stress or anxiety when compared with those that do not consume Greek yogurt. 

Greek Yogurt 

Is there any downside of consuming Greek Yogurt?

The answer to this question depends on your current health status and nutritional needs. As an example, for some people, full-fat Greek yogurt might not be beneficial due to its increase in fat content. But at the same time, you should know that the fat in this variety is responsible for the proper absorption of the minerals and vitamins in Greek yogurt. Also, even though Greek yogurt is your ally in keeping up your bone’s health, it might not help strengthen your bones. It features half the calcium you will find in regular yogurt, along with lower levels of potassium. Anyhow, both nutrients are necessary for bone health and blood pressure control.

Greek Yogurt 

The bottom line

Well, this being said, Greek yogurt is one of the healthiest dairies you will find on the market. Still, you should be rather careful when it comes to choosing a brand. As mentioned above, many distributors do not follow the traditional recipe for Greek yogurt, and they opt for including harmful chemicals in their composition. But if you consume authentic Greek yogurt dailyGreek Yogurt, you will definitely access all the health benefits mentioned above. 

 Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

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