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Know Interesting Facts about Beets

Know Interesting Facts about Beets

If you are a health conscious person and looking for food which has a presence of all nutrients in it, then nothing can beat beets and they are a good choice for you to have them in your plate.

Beets are a taproot part of a plant. They are called beets in Canada and the US, while it is called beetroot in Europe and rest of the world. They can be taken in raw form like salad or juice and in cooked form. 

Know Interesting Facts about Beets  

Moving forward, this blog discusses everything that you need to know about beets:

1. Beets. Nutritional Profile

They are a good source of carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

A 100gram of serving includes:

- Calories- 43

- Fat- 0.2 gram

- Carbohydrate- 9-10 gram

- Fiber- 2.5-3 gram

- Sugar- 8-10 gram

Know Interesting Facts about Beets

2. Benefits of Beets

- Beets Promote Good Health:

Beets contain betalains, pigment that give beets their rich color. They function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules which inhibit the production of free radicals and prevent damaging of cells. They also have vitamins and minerals which play vital role in the normal functioning of the whole body as well as protect body from diseases. Beets also have dietary fiber which helps in the digestion of food and the sugar content provide energy to the body.

- Beets Lowers Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is a main cause behind cardiovascular disease and therefore it is very important to maintain the blood pressure at is optimal level. It is suggested that drinking beetroot juice (read to find more about Juice Diet) lowers blood pressure and this is due to the presence of nitrates in it.

Know Interesting Facts about Beets

- Improves Digestion:

Beets are a very good source of fiber. Consuming fiber is essential for digestion because gut health mainly depends on smooth digestion of the food. Therefore, you can include beets in your daily diet.

- Detoxify the Body:

The betalains pigments present in beets help in detoxification process. They have been shown to trigger GST (glutathione-S-transferase) activity that helps in the elimination of toxins. If you want to give your body a detox support, then introducing beets to yourself is the best choice.

Increase Stamina:

Studies suggest that dietary nitrates improve body performance during exercises because they increase the efficiency of cell organelles to produce more energy. Thus, they are often recommended to be consumed for improving performance during physical exercises like running and cycling.

Know Interesting Facts about Beets

3. Beets. Selection and Storage

Whenever you spot beets in a market, always make sure to select medium sized beets. Avoid wet and those which have spots and bruises because these indicate that the beets are spoiled and are not good for consumption.

For their storage, cut the greens and the stems from the beet roots so that the leaves and stem do not pull away moisture from the root. Wrap the plastic sheet around the beets and then store it in the refrigerator.

Know Interesting Facts about Beets

4. What Can Be Cooked With Beets?

There are several beets recipe which you may try. Some if these are:

Ø Beet root rice

Ø Beet root kabab

Ø Roast beets, cucumber and feta salad

Ø Beet root milkshake

Ø Beetroot sandwich

Ø Beetroot juice

Know Interesting Facts about Beets

5. Precautionary Note:

If you consume beets, there are chances that your urine may turn red or pinkish. This is known as beeturia, and it is harmless. Also, beets have consistently been determined to have high oxalate content. If you’re prone to calcium oxalate kidney stones, you are recommended to limit its consumption and consult your doctor.

Bottom Line:

Beets are a very good source of energy and provide many health benefits. They are low in calories and a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals which are responsible for detoxifying body, promote optimal health, improve digestion and lowers blood pressure. LastlyKnow Interesting Facts about Beets, they are delicious and must be included in your diet.

Author: Sunita

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