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High-protein diet

High-protein diet for weight loss

Recently, scientists proved that a high-protein diet is effective in weight loss. And for it to work, you will have to focus on adding high-protein meals to your daily diet, as studies confirmed that 0.8 grams of protein per kg body weight can keep up normal body functions. Hence, the question that remains to be answered is how to use a high-protein diet for weight loss. Read on to find out all you need to know about this weight loss diet.


What is the effect of a high-protein diet on weight?

high-protein diet is similar to Paleo, Dukan or Atkins diets due to the fact that it promotes weight loss by acting as a catalyst to determine the body to switch to a fat burning mode. 

·       It acts as a booster on the metabolism

Having a slow metabolism can prevent your body from burning fat for energy. This has as a consequence excessive weight gain. Several scientific studies revealed that a diet rich in protein aids in burning more calories, which will lead to more weight loss than it is the case with low-protein diets. 

·       It promotes satiety

Usually, people feel hungry all the time when they do not have a diet based on the right amount of proteins. Researchers discovered that a high-protein diet boosts the secretion of appetite suppressing hormones, which in the end leads to a higher level of satiety.

·       It supports lean muscles

In the aging process, muscle loss appears and lead to a slower metabolism and weight gain. A diet based on protein meals, prevents muscle loss, boosts muscle tone and prevents weight gain


What are the best high-protein foods?


#1 Beans and vegetables

Vegetables, along with beans, represent the best protein source. Kidney beans, black-eyed peas, green pea or edamame can offer you the necessary amount of protein, iron, fibre and calcium. 

The best way to prepare beans and vegetables meals is to boil them. Also, you can opt for adding them to a salad or making a soup, as you are allowed to consume up to 3 servings of beans and vegetables each day.


#2 Nuts and seeds

Almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds or chia seeds represent a rich source of protein, along with magnesium, selenium, zinc and healthy fats. They aid in diminishing inflammation, lowering appetite and offering an extra boost of energy. 

It is recommended to soak the nuts in water overnight to prepare them for your breakfast meal. Chia seeds or flax seeds are perfect for mixing in a smoothie, while pumpkin seeds can be used in soups.


#3 Mushrooms

Did you know that a hundred grams of mushrooms provide up to 3 grams of protein? Well, they represent the best substitute for either chicken or turkey. 

Mushrooms can be easily cooked in several manners such as mushroom omelette, sandwich or soup. Also, grilled mushrooms with other veggies are perfect for following a high-protein diet for weight loss.


#4 Hummus

Lately, hummus gained a lot of attention due to the fact that it promotes satiety, it is tasty and I can aid you in losing weight. It is a dip obtained from mashed chickpeas, mixed with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and beans. Only one tablespoon of this dip provides 1.2 grams of protein, along with essential minerals for the body such as manganese, zinc, iron or Vitamin K and E.  Being rich in omega-e-fatty acids, it is a great addition to any meal based on grilled vegetables.


#5 Fish

Adding protein-rich fish to your diet can aid you in losing weight. Fish such as salmon, tuna, carp or basa fish are perfect source of both omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. They aid in diminishing inflammation, boosting immunity and supporting all our body`s functions. 

Fish can be added to your diet in the formed of grilled meals, yet you can also cook it in the oven or fry it in olive oil. 


Summing up, a high-protein diet is recommended for weight loss, as it will balance your intake of both vegetal and animal protein sources. In addition to following this diet, health experts recommend at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. A healthy lifestyle is a combination between a healthy diet and workout routines. Thus, if you aim to get the best results from a high-protein diet, you should focus on exercising regularlyHigh-protein diet, too. 

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