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Raw Diet

Raw Diet

Raw diet, popularly known as raw foodism is a dietary practice that is followed by people, who mostly or only, eat the food that is uncooked and unprocessed.

Following this type of diet helps people to fetch the desired results of weight loss.

In this diet, people are generally advised to include raw food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meat and dairy products in their daily diet.

In simple terms, rawism simply includes 75% of food which is raw and not cooked. They consume processed food items or various types of sprouted seeds, fermented food such as yogurt, kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, and cheese.

 Dieters are supposed to maintain a genuine distance from the items which are pasteurized, homogenized. Also, they are not supposed to include products which are made by using synthetic pesticides, solvents food additives or fertilizers.

Raw Diet

Origin of Raw Diet

· The modern raw diet came into being in1930s.

· The pioneer of using raw or "living" food was Ann Wigmore.

· The aim of the diet was to detoxify the body.

· Idea was that fasting helps in cleaning the body.

· Shelton's philosophy in collaboration with Harry Diamond's, the founder of “Fit for Life” diet combined the raw diet with the food movement.

And, now this type of dietary practice has become fad among people. Even restaurants and cafes in the trendy urban areas are serving 'raw diet-friendly food'.

Raw Diet

Benefits of raw dieting

The diet offers various benefits if it is followed religiously. Some prominent benefits being:-

 • Improves digestion

 • Increases energy

 • Makes the immune system stronger

 • Good for every skin type

 • Reduces heart diseases or other chronic diseases

 • Improve the mental clarity and creativity

 • Cleanse the body, detoxing it

The raw diet followers need to regularly report to their nutrition or their food practitioners to reflect their best results possible.

Raw Diet

Things to remember

Eating raw is beneficial but some food can be unsafe, if eaten raw.

§ Eating raw kidney Bean or kidney sprout is poisonous

§ Meat or seafood can cause serious health problems if eaten raw because they are contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

§ Eating buckwheat green causes photosensitivity in fair-skinned people because they prove to be poisonous if eaten raw.

§ Potatoes should not be eaten raw because of the greenish skin developed on it is toxic and it can only be neutralized by cooking at high temperature.

Raw Diet

Though, it is undeniable that a raw food diet gives you faster results and there is a high percentage of showing sudden changes. It has been studied that many people who strictly followed rawism have shown the detoxifying symptoms along with headaches, nausea, depression and food cravings.

Raw foodists believe that this type of diet is beneficial in the sense that our body receives most of the nutrients. But it is accompanied with bacteria and microorganisms from the uncooked food.

Raw Diet

They feel that it enhances the weight loss goal, as this diet involves low fat, protein, and calories. This type of lifestyle choice improves the desire for rejecting medicines. People make voluntary effort to be closer to nature and desire for purity.

A raw diet can also be called vegan by all the means because people are not eating any animal product or dairy product.But they are declared omnivorous because they can eat both vegetables and meat as long as their food is raw.

The majority of food is uncooked, unheated and unprocessed organic food.

Raw Diet

The raw dieters are given a meal plan that consists of only 1200 calories. They are supposed to eat those 1200 calories with a gluten-free plan. If they are vegetarian, calories scale can be increased to 1500. But, 1500 calories should be low carb.

AfterRaw Diet, getting introduced to all the risks and benefits one should always consult their nutritionist to clear all the skepticism. Better catch up with weight loss results without any future health problems potentials. 

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