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Color street nails

Painting nails is an everyday routine task just as doing washing-up or ironing. Except it is not. Doing your nails is an art that demands patience and attention to detail as well as the ability to keep up with current manicure trends. In this article, we will take a closer look at the mainstream nail designs of 2021 and will go through the vital steps of achieving magic nails.


First, you need to prepare for polishing your nails and you have to do it properly: find a quiet spot in the house, tie your hair back, have something to eat, turn on a movie or a YouTube clip that will entertain you without requiring you to touch anything. The actual process of painting starts with taking off the previous nail polish if you are wearing one and only then trimming the excess cuticle, not vice versa. By the way, it will be way easier to do this right after the shower when the cuticle is soft. Afterwards, trim and file your nails till you are completely satisfied with the form you get. Make sure to do this on dry nails so that you do not risk damaging them. Having done all the above-mentioned procedures, you are finally ready for actually polishing your nails.

street nail


The first rule of achieving luxury nails at home is to put several thin layers instead of one thick layer. The second alternative may sound tempting due to the speed of the process, however, it will be hard to dry such a dense layer out and small parts of such a manicure will chip rather quickly and only after a few days you will have no choice but to do the whole procedure all over again. On the other hand, if you put on two or three thin layers, they will dry out in 5-10 minutes, which is two times faster compared to the time needed to dry out the thick layer.

Another important tip is to never put nail polish all the way to the cuticle or skin on both sides of the nail. Leaving a tiny part of a nail uncovered by the nail polish will result in the manicure looking cleaner and more professional.

Many can agree that checking whether nails are dry has ruined their manicure at least once in a lifetime. This has probably happened to you as well, but there is a way out. Instead of touching your nails with fingers, try softly touching the nail surface with another nail surface — if they stick, they are not dry yet. Furthermore, putting hands under cold water makes them harden faster leaving fewer possibilities to ruin the whole manicure.

2021 Trends

With the pandemic situation continuing to escalate, many choose to do their nails at home instead of going to the beauty salons, thus, the 2021 manicure trends focus mainly on the designs one can effortlessly do in home conditions.

1. Multi-colored Manicures

The year 2020 turned out to be demanding and thinking out of the box became the necessary skill for survival. This swing to creativity will have its impact on nail trends of 2021 as, for example, painting each nail in a different color will definitely make a person stand out of the crowd. The experts advise balancing such an extravagance by choosing the colors within one color palette.

street nail

2. Personal Statements

As most of us are locked up at home, it is much harder to express ourselves. Thus, hand-lettering on nails is forecasted to be high-demanded as this way people who you share a bus with, who see your photo on Instagram or who are simply passing you by on the street will have an idea about your personality by simply reading what is stated on your nails. Furthermore, a growing number of celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Billie Eilish, are supporting this trend, escalating the popularity of this trend even more.

3. Mask Matching

It may be hard to face it, but the truth is that we will most likely continue wearing masks in public throughout 2021, so the focus of the make-up will remain on the eye-zone and nails. Thus, matching nails and masks are going to blow the nail trends.

street nail

4. Throwback Designs

Being locked up at home almost all year has had many consequences, one of which is a great feeling of nostalgia. With all the statistics taken into account, 2021, at least its first half, will be a lot like 2020, so retro manicures in the 60s and 70s styles will remain popular.

5. Going On Mute

Bright colors with muted undertones have experienced particular fame among Hollywood stars in recent months. Such colors as melon or buttery yellow can be easily combined with both red carpet looks and casual everyday ones. They are also associated with positive mood and thus may be a little reminder that life goes on no matter what. All of us could use some optimism in these stressful times.

6. Minimal Graphics

Due to the cautious attitudes and lack of nail studios’ popularity, many choose to design their nails at home. As such practice is not an easy one, 2021 will be popular for the minimal graphic designs which do not require too much effort. Angled lines and subtle curves are the most beginner-friendly designs which with a little practice may end up looking like the VIP nails you would have got in the luxury nail salon. Make sure you have the basic colors — black and white, and some vivid ones — to bright up the manicure.

street nail

While we may not know for sure what the future holds for usstreet nail, at least you will face it with splendid-looking nails.

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