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Unhealthy Foods

Health is Wealth: Say No to These Unhealthy Foods

It would not be wrong if we say that the contemporary standard of living has absolutely made life easy. Daily new inventions come about and bring in more ease. But the reality is that this comfy way of life has got its own share of problems and our wellbeing suffers from many lifestyle illnesses on a daily basis. And here the main reason behind such illnesses is the amplified intake of unhealthy food. 

Did you know that most of the food stuffs we consume these days give little or zero nutrition? Yes, that is true, and quite the opposite, they cause inflammation and also lessen the nutritional value of the food. Indeed, most of such foods taste just amazing but it is not that sufficient reason to risk your health. Right? Okay, now you might have a question in your mind that what actually unwholesome foods are. No doubt, such foods have almost turned out to be a part of our life as we eat them regularly. And they load our bodies with harmful saturated fat, trans-fats, and cholesterol. So, let’s have a short look at a few of the food items that are too much harmful and high in calories:   

·     Mayonnaise

We all love eating sandwiches & burgers and don’t think of how much mayonnaise is heaped inside while enjoying them. Well, it is not that harmful, if you eat it in fair quantity. But most of people prefer having a thick coating of mayonnaise. Believe it or not but the fact is that a quarter cup of mayonnaise can make your body full of 360 calories & 40 grams of fat. So, health expert recommend limiting its use. Instead of this, you can consider eating low-calorie condiments such as mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.

·     Trans Fat:

It’s a deadly fat that boosts bad cholesterol and trims down good cholesterol. It also smashes up blood vessels. Here, only a single tablespoon of it packs a huge 100 calories and definitely this is not apt for your waistline. Rather butter is a better choice. It’s good to use a little amount of whipped butter. If not, choose trans-fat-free brands of stick margarine.

·     Whole-milk Yogurt

Many people don’t know but whole milk products can also hoist your calorie intake. This product is not good at all as it also have the same effect on your body. So, you need to watch over your portion size. Merely one cup of full fat plain yoghurt includes 160 calories. In its place, you can choose fat-free yoghurt that has only 110 calories.

·     French Fires

Well, these are one more unhealthy food item. French fries are definitely most favourite snack of a big majority of foodies. The crusty and crisp potatoes are hard to avoid and we in general finish up consuming more than we should. Also, there is no denying to the reality that this snack adds kilos to your structure. Therefore, it is recommended to do fair workout or eat more fruits as well as vegetables. Eating them occasionally is, for sure, okay and safe.

·     Bacon

Bacon lovers need to remember that their much-loved food item is full of harmful salts and saturated fats. If you really want to delight in its taste devoid of filling your body with unhealthy fat, the idea is to add little quantities of bacon to your veggies. Furthermore, you can also use it as a dressing up as its salty and misty savour will get better the flavour of other food items.

SoUnhealthy Foods, these are the most frequently eaten foods that you must avoid as your healthy is your best wealth. Isn’t it?  

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