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More Vegetables

Here’s Why We Need To Eat More Vegetables

No matter what type of diet you have, including plenty of vegetables and legumes, is more than necessary. A plant-based diet can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, or even the risk of developing various cancers. Besides, vegetables can promote healthier blood sugar levels and decreased BMI. As a result, eating more vegetables can make you healthier and can aid you in keeping up a balanced weight. Still, with so many processed foods and sugary snacks available on the market, one might find it challenging to stick to eating vegetables and fruits. And since we’re here to help you discover what’s best for your health, we’ve compelled the following article. Up next, you will find out our top reasons why you need to eat more vegetables, starting today! 

More Vegetables

What are the reasons why you should have vegetables in your meal plan?

1. Vegetables are great with any meal

Vegetables come with low fat and protein content. This is why you can add them to any animal protein foods. Also, you can make legumes the centerpiece of your dish, so that you receive the proper nutritional intake. And the best part about having vegetables with your meals is that you will be less inclined to overeat. 

2. Vegetables are extremely nutritious

Another reason why you need to eat more vegetables is the nutritional content. Just think about this fact: half a cup of vegetables feed you several vitamins, minerals, and health-building substances. Also, you will get plenty of fibers, iron, and folate. 

More Vegetables

3. Vegetables can help you achieve the best of your weight loss diet

If you’re looking forward to losing some weight, having plenty of vegetables in your meal plan is a must. You can eat as many vegetables as you’d like since your body will use those and digest them entirely. Besides, having legumes in your weight loss diet promotes healthy weight loss, which is more than necessary for your health. 

4. Vegetables are so diverse that you will always discover something new to eat

The reason why we like so many vegetables is their variety. There are numerous vegetables on the market which you can cook. And the best part about those is that they all have distinct flavors and tastes. All you have to do is discover the proper way to cook them.  

5. Vegetables represent an important source of complex carbohydrates

Most vegetables offer complex carbohydrates, which take some time to digest. As a result, you won’t go through a blood sugar imbalance, and your body will have adequate time to process the meal. Keep in mind that there is an exception to this. Beets or corn have plenty of sugar with a high glycemic index, which might start the insulin cycle.  

More Vegetables

6. Vegetables are rich in cancer-fighting phytonutrients

Several studies support this idea, and we can only agree to it. The nutritional content in vegetables can help your body manage inflammation and disease. And since most vegetables come with potent phytonutrients, your body will be ready to fight and prevent the development of cancerous cells.  

Which are the most nutritious vegetables?

1. Spinach

Our top choice for nutritious vegetables is spinach. It is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins, iron, and antioxidants. And only one cup of raw spinach offers:

- an adult’s full daily requirements for vitamin K

- high amounts of vitamin A

- vitamin C

- magnesium

- folate

- iron

- calcium

- antioxidants

More Vegetables

We recommend you eat raw spinach in salads and smoothies. But you can always cook it and add it to various dishes. Keep in mind that overcooking spinach won’t get you the nutritional content you’re aiming for. 

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is a beautiful and healthy vegetable that shouldn’t miss from your meal plan. A cup of chopped and boiled broccolini has:

- 55 calories

- the full daily requirement for vitamin K

- twice the daily recommended amount of vitamin C

More Vegetables

An interesting fact about broccoli is that it can diminish the risk of cancer and cancerous cell growth. Our tip for eating broccoli is to roast, steam, or fry it.

3. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are root vegetables with interesting nutritional content. Each potato can offer:

- much more than an adult’s daily requirement of vitamin A

- 25 percent of their vitamin C and B-6 requirements

- 12 percent of their potassium needs

- beta-carotene, which may improve eye health and fight cancer

More Vegetables

Our top recommendation is to bake a sweet potato and serve it with fish. It is the best way to keep up its nutritional content and feed your body the best vitamins and minerals. 

The bottom line

So, now that you know why you need to eat more vegetablesMore Vegetables, you can start researching the most nutritious legumes on the market. The three vegetables mentioned above can help you discover which are the best ingredients to add to your meal plan so that you boost your health and immunity.  

Author: Anna

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