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The Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First

The Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First

Having said, “more is merrier", probably the same applies to sex too for many.

Besides being a pleasure-giving phenomenon, there are some health benefits of lovemaking for adults. Being regular is even better. Want to know how!

You can sleep well, release your stress and burn more calories are some of the well-known benefits of sex.

Some additional benefits include building up emotional intimacy as strengthens the emotional bond between the partners. Improve cardiovascular health as having sex more than twice a week reduces the risk of a heart attack in men in comparison to those who have it less than once a month. Improve your immunity increasing the level of immune-boosting antibody Immunoglobulin A.

The Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First

Passionate sex improves your mood and is scientifically proven to leave people happier and stress-free with relieving pain. The level of hormone oxytocin increases 5 times when you are about to have an orgasm. This endorphin reduces aches and pains. Additionally, a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone released at orgasm which improves immunity repairs tissues and keeps skin healthy. Also promotes life longevity in men and improve their overall fitness.

Healthy sex life improves muscles and bone health and checks cholesterol levels. In women, the hormone estrogen protects them against heart disease.

Is More Sex Always Healthy?

But is it scientifically proven that sex is like money; only too much is enough? In other words, does regular sex possess has so many health benefits as considered? I disagree with supported research reports

There have been three studies that demonstrate the association between the sexual frequency wellbeing of the partners been described via a curvilinear association. It was established was that sex is no longer associated with well being at a frequency of more than once a week.

The Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First

As Per Study 1

Sexual frequency and well being of the partner have relevance and significance among the people who are in relationships.

Studies 2 and 3 established that in the people who are in relationship sexual frequency had a curvilinear association with relationship satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction intermediate the association between sexual frequency and well-being.

When people share a relationship, sexual frequency is no longer significantly associated with well being at the frequency greater than once a week.

Is Everyday Sex A Sustainable Goal?

There are no major drawbacks to having sex every day except less sleep and fatigue. Additionally, books and articles often can be read motivating and sometimes challenging people to have sex every day for a week, a month, or a year, on the pretext of improving their relationship. But in most of the cases, having sex every day is still doubted to be a sustainable goal?

According to Brianna Rader, CEO and founder of sex and relationship coaching app Juicebox, "Having sex daily can be a realistic goal, if that's what you and your partner are interested in; it also depends on your definition of sex,”.

 She further explains, "If your definition of sex includes mutual masturbation or cuddling together while each of you gets off, then that makes a daily sexual routine more realistic. There are other ways to have intimacy besides penetrative sex, and opening up to different definitions of sex will likely increase your frequency of sex. Explore more options for varying situations and scheduling limitations.”

The Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First

According to her, the frequency of sex is not the sole determinant for evaluating one's sex life. To quote her “I think the quality of sex is far more important than quantity. Would you rather have sex twice a week with long, 1.5 hour-plus sessions with multiple orgasms, or quick, mediocre sessions each day?”

She adds that certain types of sex require more prep time or recovery time. This means that if you do have sex every day, you might end up having types of sex you enjoy less. “Sometimes the type of sex you want to have requires preparation (like anal sex) that would be exhausting to do daily. Or, if you like rougher sex, you may want breaks between sessions to recover from soreness,” she says.

She warns couples with “Don't get caught up in the numbers!” as ultimatelyThe Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First, sex is about pleasure with each other.

The Best Sex Takes Place in the Mind First

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