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5 Lifestyle Changes To Increase Your Natural Pheromones

Have you ever seen women of average looks or intelligence getting extraordinary attention from men? Were these men dumb? Maybe a bit, but their mental capacity had nothing to do with the attraction they felt towards these women. What fascinated them may have been the natural pheromones of these women. Pheromones are chemical compounds released by the body which attract the opposite gender of the same species. Previously they were thought to exist only in plants and insects, but recent experiments indicate their existence in humans as well.

Pheromones in females are of two types - copulin and androstenol. Copulin, the stronger one, is said to be irresistible for men. It is at its highest during the fertile stage but weakens with hormonal imbalances and contraceptive pills. A healthy lifestyle and better stress management can keep this in check. The one we can more effectively control is androstenol, which is released with sweat. But sweat also releases toxins and houses bacteria. Your job is to remove the toxins without masking the smell of these natural pheromones. Let's see how this can be done.

1. Bathe Differently Twice Or Thrice A Week

Your body odor is attractive to the opposite gender, which comes through the skin pores. Too much soaping can destroy it, which is why it is often advised not to bathe too much. Does it mean you have to compromise on hygiene for the sake of pheromones? Actually, no. Luckily, harsh chemical-laden soaps are not the only way to cleanse your body. Try ayurvedic self-massage Abhyanga on alternate days. It's a deep pore cleanser that removes dirt and dead skin cells and tones muscles. After this oil massage, you do not need soaps. Just warm water is enough. Many oils possess antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is what you need for hygiene. If you do not have time for oil massage, gram flour mixed with lemon juice and rose water can be another option. Ancient beauties used this as a nourishing antibacterial cleanser. The main idea is to ditch the soap every other day.

2. Say No To Deodorants

Deodorants are counter-productive. They do not control the root cause (bacteria) and mask the body odor with an artificial smell, which is not really needed. Rather, use essential oils as natural perfumes. They kill the sweat bacteria, protecting you from many harmful effects of sweat while creating a pleasant and relaxing smell around you. Besides, some of the essential oils like ylang-ylang, jasmine, neroli, and rose have aphrodisiac effects on both genders. Cleopatra was said to use the smell of roses to her advantage. Just add a few drops in your bathwater and stay fresh all day long.

3. Exercise More To Activate Your Sweat Glands

Physical exercise is the easiest way to sweat more, which releases toxins as well as androstenol pheromones. Regular exercise also increases testosterone levels. Testosterones are male sex hormones, but they play an important role in maintaining the health of reproductive organs and increase sexual drive in women.

4. Eat The Right Foods

Include more zinc and vitamin E in your diet. Some foods like oysters, celery, papaya, parsnips, chickens, eggs are known to boost androstenol production in females. Zinc increases testosterone levels, which is linked with heightened pheromones. However, too much of everything is bad. Eating a balanced diet and drinking loads of water is always the best way to keep your hormonal imbalances in check while increasing your attractiveness to the opposite gender.

5. Get Enough High-Quality Sleep

Poor quality sleep can cause hormonal imbalances, which can interfere with your strongest natural pheromone copulin. Get enough rest of at least 6-7 hours every day and include relaxation practices in your routine. Daily practice of meditation and a few drops of lavender on your pillow can significantly improve sleep quality. Including clary sage essential oil in your life is also a good option, as along with improving sleep quality, it also has a positive effect on hormones-related problems in women.

Boost your sex appeal and confidence5 Lifestyle Changes To Increase Your Natural Pheromones, and attract more smiles from the opposite gender. Incorporate these small changes in your life and see what your pheromones can do for you.

Author: Shreeya

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