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Shatavari – The Wonder Herb From Ayurveda That Boosts Sexual Health In Women

It is often said, "Shatavari does to women's health what Ashwagandha does to men's health." Is that true? Yes, but only partially true. It does all that, and a lot more. Shatavari in Sanskrit means 'she who possesses a hundred husbands,' signifying its feminine charm and impact on female vitality. A wonder herb from ayurvedic medicine system, it's a versatile rejuvenating tonic for every woman, helpful at all stages of life. Ever since studies have shown it to possess estrogen-regulating properties, women from across the world are using this herb like never before. From menstruation to menopause, its hormone regulating and immunity-boosting abilities make this herb a must-have for every woman. Let's dive deeper and find out what makes this herb one of a kind.


1. No More Late Or Missed Periods

Menstrual irregularities affect about 14 to 25% of women worldwide. Apart from causing skin problems, pain, anxiety, irregular periods also make it harder to conceive or plan birth control. If your periods are never on time, you would hardly suspect a missing period for unwanted pregnancy. Ideally, your periods should not be late for more than 5-7 days. Shatavari controls estrogen production and regulates hormonal imbalances to correct any irregularity of the menstrual cycle.


2. Peaceful Menstruation

Shatavari has been used for ages for easing the irritability associated with periods, especially cramps. Its antispasmodic property not only reduces pain but can also prevent miscarriage during pregnancy. It reduces uterine muscle contractions and can provide relief in menstrual pain, bloating, indigestion, confusion, fever, lost focus, and many PMS symptoms. So, no more mood swings!

3. Boosted Fertility

Obesity, stress, bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle can affect our ability to conceive. Irregular menstruation presents another obstacle to fertility. Shatavari regulates the production of the luteinizing hormone, which is essential for triggering ovulation. Regular ovulation is a sign of a healthy reproductive system and can help in conception. It also reduces vaginal inflammation, making it easier for women who want to conceive later in life.


4. Heated Sex Life

Shatavari is for everyone, not just women. It increases sexual desire in both genders and improves sexual performance, too. Take this aphrodisiac with your partner and enjoy heightened manoeuvers. Be sure to use precautions unless trying to conceive, as it increases sperm count in men.

5. Moist. Moisten. Moisturize.

Shatavari is a powerful internal moisturizer that moistens dry membranes of not only reproductive organs but also the respiratory tract. It moisturizes dry vaginal tissues and maintains desirable PH levels of the vaginal area, thus preventing any infection.

6. Enhanced Breast Growth

Well, not everyone has got the same amount of love from nature. For those who feel discriminated, Shatavari can be a big help. This herb is rich in phytoestrogen, which means it is a plant-based nutrient with estrogen-like effects. Regular consumption can enable the full growth of breast tissues.


7. Healthy Pregnancy And Motherhood

Most herbs are useless during pregnancy and lactation. They may interfere with various complications associated with uterus and hence considered detrimental to fetus health. Shatavari can be used throughout pregnancy and is a boon for mothers and their babies. It protects the fetus and takes care of the mother's nutritional needs. Its digestion improving ability proves most helpful as poor digestion is a major irritant during this time. After the delivery, it acts as a galactagogue to improve breast milk production. Thus, more and healthier food for your baby.

8. Menopause Symptoms

During menopause, women face a decrease in estrogen levels, which triggers a range of other issues. Shatavari can help regulate estrogen levels, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, brain fog, night sweating, and other menopause problems.

9. Calm Mind

Shatavari belongs to a unique family of herbs called adaptogens, which means it prepares your body to handle physical and mental stress and maintain homeostasis. It pacifies the mind and possesses strong anti-depressant activities.

10. Beautiful Forever

This ayurvedic herb has antiaging and antioxidant properties, which checks any premature appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and graying of hair. As Shatavari is a natural blood purifierShatavari, it prevents breakouts and helps maintain healthy glowing skin.

Author: Shreeya

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