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What is bodybuilding for women

We all admire those ladies with impressive bodies. But did you know that besides those pumped biceps and glittery bikinis, there is plenty of hard work to be done? Well, a female bodybuilder has to follow specific dieting and meal-prepping, along with waking up early to exercise, spending many hours in the weight room, and tending to hurtful hands. As such, we can say for sure this lifestyle is not recommended for those with a faint heart. But if this is your passion, every sacrifice made is more than worth. Channeling your willpower and mental strength is the first step to achieve your bodybuilding goals. And if you are interested in this topic, read on to discover what you need to know about bodybuilding for women.  


What is bodybuilding?

Overall, bodybuilding is a sport that started as a men’s only industry. Still, during the past years, many ladies were drawn to this type of competition due to pure passion. Bodybuilding is about a strict lifestyle mixed with in-depth workout routines and precise nutrition. This has as the primary purpose strengthening, sculpting, and bettering the muscles of the body. 

Of course, many people do bodybuilding so that they feel and appear strong. But there are these bodybuilders who train and diet with the sole purpose of competing in a bodybuilding competition. Here ladies are evaluated based on their physique and muscular development in the bikini, figure, physique, bodybuilding, or fitness categories. 

Many female bodybuilders advise newbies about the mental dangers of this sport. Some say that being judged solely on your appearance can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. Thus, female bodybuilding requires both physical and mental strength to overcome any challenge or disappointment.  


What female bodybuilding workout routines look like?

 A frequent question many ladies ask is, how does an exercise routine look like for a female bodybuilder. The general consensus is that no matter if you are a woman or a man, a bodybuilding session is not a simple task to perform. It requires training twice a day, with a necessary hour of lifting and around 30 to two hours of cardio daily. 

Many female bodybuilders opt for splitting their exercise routines based on body parts, as this is one of the most efficient methods for achieving your goals fast. As such, a standard five-day split routine might look as:

1. Day 1 – chest

2. Day 2 – back

3. Day 3 – shoulders

4. Day 4 – legs

5. Day 5 arms

6. Days 6 and 7 – rest

Of course, everyone’s training sessions are distinct, as they need to match the physical abilities of the athlete and her goals. And there are plenty of female bodybuilders who want to exercise each muscle group two times per week. This can be done by having a push and pull mix, followed by a leg day. 


Is bodybuilding for women dangerous?

In most situations, doing bodybuilding is safe if you carefully follow the indications of your instructor. Still, besides tightening muscles and toning the body, many female bodybuilders are exposed to a couple of dangerous side effects. Studies show that women are more predisposed to experiencing injuries while practicing this sport. Injuries to the hips and knees are quite frequent amongst both male and female bodybuilders. Still, due to the distinct bodily structure of women, they are at a higher risk of injuries. 

Another side effect of bodybuilding for women might be the risk of being childless. Prolonged severe diet restrictions and demanding workout routines, can impede the female’s ability to bear children. Research shows that a common outcome amongst female bodybuilders is an early ovarian depletion, which decreases the chances of having a baby.

And the main problem both male and female bodybuilders encounter is the psychological toll. Women are prone to encountering such issues as they do not stop after achieving the perfect body. Being judged solely based on the appearance can leave a psychological mark, many fail to overcome. Also, both men and women bodybuilders are predisposed to developing a mental illness named muscular dysmorphia. This refers to a person being constantly concerned about appearance and muscle status, which in turn leads to a gym addiction hard to surpass.  


The bottom line is that bodybuilding for women can be an excellent and competitive sport with a lot of benefits. Still, the secret to success is to practice carefully and remain grounded in the real world. As it is the case with any sport practiced in this worldbodybuilding, doing it responsibly is key to achieving your endeavors.  

Author: Anna

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